Letters to the editor

In the past 2 years, some people's shopping habits have changed. Thanks to lockdowns, restrictions and even fear of contact with others, those folks who have never used online shopping before, have began to embrace the concept of it.

Meanwhile, massive offshore companies such as Amazon and even Zoom and Netflix, have made huge market gains. Larger retailers have still been subsidised by governments in this period also.

Then we come to small businesses, with a limited online presence, and the hospitality sector and the many business that support it have been systematically decimated.

During this Christmas just gone, when most local businesses gain income to survive, sadly many have suffered a downturn because of online sales, purchased elsewhere.

I often hear comments such as 'I bought this online, would you like to buy it from me'? 'It didn't include a power pack, or a stool, do you have one'? 'I even hear 'I bought it online and you have the same one here, cheaper'.

If there wasn't a virus, I can't help but think that there is a concerted effort to destroy small and medium businesses.

Just a theory though. Of course "we must build back better", "moving forward" after all. This is not a whinge by the way, just a local business update.

Greg Drage,

Flinders View Music,

Port Pirie

My name is Kristine Rosales and I am writing regarding your issue of The Recorder dated January 3.

There was an article by Aidan Curtis titled "Sign restoration has deli owner grateful" and I would like to request for any hard copies of this edition to be mailed to me as my very good friend Christine Yeh was mentioned in this article.

She is an avid tea drinker, loves her job and is so proud to have been mentioned in your paper.

If any locals have copies of this publication lying around, I would appreciate if you could send this to me at the below address:

26 Clareville Avenue, Dolls Point NSW 2219.

I will reimburse the postage.

Kristine Rosales

0415 799 606

Our federation Coalition Government is consistent in the way it is dealing with both COVID-19 and climate change. The economy is clearly the dominant motivating factor in each of the above.

I guess that when our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, waved that lump of coal around in parliament, the year before he was elected as leader, the writing was on the wall , but certainly since becoming Prime Minister there have been multiple reasons for the many Australians who care about our environment to be extremely concerned.

Record native animal extinctions for which we are now unfortunately among the world leaders, record-breaking devastating bushfires that none of us will ever forget, record flooding, deforestation at a speed as if there will be no tomorrow for which we now rank with the terrible and depressing land clearing practices being experienced in the Congo and the Amazon, patheticly weak environmental laws... I could go on and on, but can sum it all up by commenting that it is as if our Prime Minister has declared all-out war on our environment.

Positive actions in relation to our all important Australian environment have been overlooked in a shocking manner by our government for many years and because of the structure of the coalition, I cannot see any improvement taking place in the foreseeable future.

Brian Measday,

Myrtle Bank