Sculptor offers to re-create iconic goanna as residents mourn his disappearance

CARVED: Sculptor Peter Adams loves transforming burnt wood into art.

CARVED: Sculptor Peter Adams loves transforming burnt wood into art.

Archie, a 1.5 meter-long goanna sculpture hammered to a tree on the Germain Gorge Road Trail at Wirrabara disappeared Thursday afternoon.

Owner of the property where Archie was located, Michelle Smith, said the community is very upset that someone has taken him.

"He was there for people to enjoy, and people were enjoying him, but now he has been taken away from the community," she said.

"Archie lived on my property and I miss having him there."

Peter Adams of Wirrabara, who first sculpted Archie, has already indicated that he is willing to make another one that is even bigger and heavier.

"I said to the landowner we will probably be craning him there so someone has to pull up and crane him off, so they will definitely have no time to take him," he said.

"I have been told that the kids love to pull up and say hello to Archie, so I am interested in getting him back there straight away so they do not miss him.

"If he comes back he comes back, but Archie number two will be just as good, if not better."

Mr Adams's message to whoever stole Archie is to either burn him or return him, because he only has one home and belongs to the community.

"You can not hide him, there will always be the question of where did you get him from because he is so good," he said.

"I do not want him sitting hidden somewhere with the person that pinched him.

"If the community can not have him, then no one should have him.

"My dream would be if they got scared, he will wash up on the beach somewhere; I would love to then take him and say where has he been and take photos of him in different areas and then put him back."

Mr Adams said he initially made Archie for fun and could picture him sitting in the log before he had gotten the wood on his trailer.

He has been carving wood for 25 years and said he loves the process of returning burnt timber from the Bangor bushfire back to the environment in a form of art.

Police and the Mount Remarkable District Council said they have no updates on Archie's whereabouts.

Due to Archie's size and weight police believe it would have taken at least two people to take him down.