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Canvas art and wall prints: 5 Selection tips for homeowners

Canvas art and wall prints: 5 Selection tips for homeowners

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Canvas art and wall prints can uplift, beautify, and liven up your living and working spaces. As such, they're gaining popularity among homeowners looking to highlight their living rooms, which can create a positive mood in the bedroom, the kitchen, or workspaces.

Because choices abound online and in-store, it's crucial to understand the essential elements of room design to narrow your choices. By knowing these essentials, a homeowner will have a better idea of choosing canvas art and wall prints that make a huge impact. Check out some valuable tips below.

Choosing Canvas Art & Wall Prints Tip #1: Go With The Same Colour Palette

Before deciding which canvas art and wall art prints go where, you need to decide on the room's colour. If you have to repaint your living space, wait until you've done so before choosing the ideal wall design.

Be adventurous, but stick within the same colour palette. For instance, if you've painted your wall ochre, choose canvas art and wall prints with predominantly neutral hues, such as beige, grey, taupe, and so on. In addition, match the colour of the wall décor to that of the room's centrepiece. If you placed a scarlet red chaise lounge chair amidst your ochre-hued wall, choose abstract art in the same colour family.

Choosing Canvas Art & Wall Prints Tip #2: Stick To The Theme

Before rushing to the store to get the artwork, consider your design theme and work around it. Having a distinct piece is essential in choosing the materials needed to decorate your living space. It provides design consistency, leading to a visually appealing home.

For instance, if you're gunning for a rustic look, a collection of intricate woodworks, marble, and bricks is a typical must-have. For a Victorian-style home, ornate designs and complex structures should be present. Darker hues, such as navy blue and burgundy, alongside bright pastel colours, are often associated with this theme, too. Imagine if you used these essential elements in a retirement home along the beach-things won't be as great as you've imagined.

Choosing Canvas Art & Wall Prints Tip #3: Pick Your Style

Whether you're redesigning your entire home or organizing your home workspace, choosing the right canvas art and wall prints creates a cohesive statement for a more pleasing home design. No matter the style you select, whether Victorian, art deco, contemporary, shabby chic, or Bohemian, wall art can cement your home's entire look.

Shop for an abstract wall painting, or frame a photo from your travel, or a picture of nature or anything eye-catching, and place it on your wall. Otherwise, place hanging shelves on your homework area and add any visual element that helps inspire you.

Don't forget to factor in the emotions you want to elicit in your choice of wall art. If you're an eco-warrior, for instance, focus on nature photography. For a modern design, consider getting an appropriately-seized abstract painting to spruce up your wall.

Canvas art and wall prints: 5 Selection tips for homeowners

Choosing Canvas Art & Wall Prints Tip #4: Size Does Matter

An ill-fitting frame can make or break the beauty of your home in some cases as it can disrupt the balance in your living space. That's why it's crucial to measure the wall that you're planning to decorate with canvas art and wall prints. Some interior designers swear by the 60% rule, which states that the canvas or frame should take this much space in your wall. Choosing a structure that's too small or too big could stand out strangely, like a sore thumb.

In the end, the choice will depend on the owner's style preference. But, knowing the size, you're narrowing down the list considerably. Besides the size, consider whether you're placing the artwork on the wall itself or some hanging shelves.

Choosing Canvas Art & Wall Prints Tip #5: Consider Where You're Placing Them

Selecting the right piece may also depend on the section where you intend to place the artwork. For instance, a substantial abstract painting may not go well in a small bedroom. Such a type of wall art often pushes your mind to be active, something that you may want to avoid when your head hits the pillow. To evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, it may be better to stick to wall prints with neutral hues, such as blue and green.


Besides making your living spaces more attractive, wall art can help uplift your mood. Carefully chosen canvas art and wall prints also help create a cohesive look for a more lovely home. The tips above will assist you in finding the best pieces that are sure to become conversation pieces.