Des Parker looks back on 1982

NEW 'OFFICE': Des 'Nosey' Parker at his new quarters in Lealholme aged home where he writes up your weekly flashback column.
NEW 'OFFICE': Des 'Nosey' Parker at his new quarters in Lealholme aged home where he writes up your weekly flashback column.

Port Pirie Tennis players win the Country Championships. The Players were Tricia Thoman, Alby Storelli, Phil Jeffrey, and Lavina Blieschke.

Paul and Diane Kassapis open a new modern pharmacy in Alexander Street.

Theo Sells his popular store on Three-Chain Road and Esmond Road to Robert and Pam Bell.

Former Risdon footballer David Tiller was picked in the football squad to play in Victoria.

Well-known identity, Ian Pole was honoured at the opening of the Port Pirie Netball Association with a new television set for his outstanding work who treated injured players during the season.

A book was written by Ken Madigan and Dick Wordley based on the history of Port Pirie's airport during World War II. It was the states biggest training ground for pilots. The book was called "Port Pirie Remembers" 22 pilots who lost their lives while training at the airport.

It was the end of an era for Jim Martin as the pilot captain. He has held the position for the last 26 years. Garth Cobain took over from Jim.

Last Quests was at the old home owned by the BHAS. It was called William House on the Terrace. The company bought the property from J.S. Cambell. The house was the home of several general superintendents of the BHAS including Mr H. Somerset.

Fran and Rose Turci shut down the Senate Road news agency and sells the Terrace news agency to Marg and Mick Frkic.

Cora Daly, one of the original committee of Meals on Wheels was awarded the Order of Australia for her outstanding work for the community.

Dorothy Davies retires after 40 years at the BHAS. She started as a junior clerk in 1953. She became a confidential secretary to the manager. She held this position for 29 years and worked with five managers who were Frank Green, John Funnell, Don Blaskett, Bob Trehearne and Denby Ward.

Johnson Improvement Centre was open on the Main Road by Malcolm and Margaret Johnson.

The Spencer Gulf League coaches from Port Pirie were Des Jeffries (Risdon), Garry Norris (Solomontown), Steve Emery (Port) and Bob Clayton (Propriety).

BHAS employees were honoured for their 45 years of service.