Northern Festival Centre upgrade master plan released

There could be a big update coming to the Northern Festival Centre, if the $60 million needed can be raised.

Country Arts SA has released its master plan for the project, which would include a mixture of new buildings, and renovations to old structures.

Big-ticket additions will be a dedicated movie theatre, new community-makers space for public use, and, of course, an upgraded theatre.

Key projects for the pan have been listed as:

  1. New entry, outdoor amphitheatre and expanded car-parking.
  2. Upgraded Theatre and performance Precinct including new Block Box Theatre.
  3. Digital Precinct with Dedicated Film Auditoria.
  4. New community facilities including function centre and makers' space.
  5. New Sculpture garden, landscaping and cafe connect with Memorial Park.

Country Arts SA Chief Executive Anthony Peluso said the plans have had a lot of community input.

"We started a process with Port Pirie community a while ago," he said.

"What things are missing that they wanted to have? How might a master plan try to meet some of those concepts and ideas?

"The next stage for us now is to develop business cases and economic development studies to support the ideas and the concepts in the plans."

When asked, Mr Peluso could not commit to even a loose timeframe of when the town may see the upgrades, but said he was optimistic that it will happen.

"I think the conversations we have been having have been extremely positive," he said.

"It could be that we secure all the funding in one hit and are able to complete the upgrade all at once, or it could be, in fact, that we upgrade the centre progressively and find investments for different parts of the plan along the next few years.

"The funding will be a mix from the federal government, the state government, the local government and even from individuals who are keen to see these new spaces come to life.

"We are looking to get this done as soon as we can."

The master plan is available on the Country Arts SA website.