Short film featuring dancing through the Southern Flinders Ranges hits the Fringe

Dancing through the Southern Flinders Ranges

Port Pirie artist Maria Savant's first film, a piece about the power of dance on the land of the Nukunu People in the Southern Flinders Ranges, has been selected for the Adelaide Fringe.

The creation of the short film, 'Homecoming - Dance for Peace', was supported through a South Australian Country Arts Trust grant and the mentorship of Kim Mavromatis from Mav Media.

"The uptake of my film into one of the biggest arts festivals in the southern hemisphere has been wonderful," she said.

Maria spent a year during the COVID-19 outbreak scripting, planning, directing and performing in a film whose focus is on bringing inner peace to community.

Undaunted by the outbreak, Maria worked throughout last year selecting he film locations, designing the costume, producing the music and planning the choreography for the film.

"In these challenging times, where many have suffered through the pandemic, it is important for art to bring peace, beauty, calmness and love to community," Maria said.

Her short film connects the beauty of the Southern Flinders Ranges and the power of sacred meditational dance, into an artwork that is sacred, heart opening and full of love.

The short film will be shown at venues throughout the Fringe as part of the 'UNDEREXPOSED' show in Adelaide on 13th and 14th of March and at the Duke of Brunswick in The Adelaide Room. Tickets are free.

Maria's consultancy process with the Nukunu Community began five years ago and Maria said it had been a deeply moving experience that allowed her to understand places of cultural significance.

"Without the guidance of the Nukunu this dance experience and subsequent film, would not have been made," she said.

Her connection to local farmers also allowed Maria to dance on their properties.

"I was very lucky to meet so many wonderful people from on Nukunu country."

Maria's Greek heritage is also expressed in this sensitive and poetic film that shines a light on the sacred bond between ourselves and our mother, the earth.

Maria's filmmaking process was guided by mentor and veteran media creator Kim Mavromatis.

Looking ahead, Maria is busy planning the stage show 'Homecoming', in which her film will screen together with a longer cut of her dance sequences.

"I am so excited to be able to present this show through a series of my own songs which chart the journey of how came to dance for peace," Marisa said.

"My hope is that audiences will be inspired to open up to the deep presence of peace within and to self- calm, through mindfulness and walking meditation though the Southern Flinders Ranges.

"Everything we need to live a peaceful life is right here in front of us, we only have to look at the Flinders Ranges and listen to the Nukunu people to know this."