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BreedELITE co-founder and developer, Tim Johnsson].
BreedELITE co-founder and developer, Tim Johnsson].

Supplying high-quality pedigree and performance recording software, auto drafting and weighing machines and other EID technology, the team at family-owned South Australian company, BreedELITE is passionate about helping sheep farmers across Australia.

BreedELITE has been helping farmers reach their potential since 1999. Co-founder, Greg Johnsson started working with the Turkey Lane merino flock to demonstrate the value of modern genetic selection methods in commercial merinos to a group of sheep farmers on Kangaroo Island.

The demonstration required the collection of high-quality data on the mating and lambing performance of the ewes and the measured and visual performance of all of the sheep.

Greg looked at all of the software that was available and couldn't find anything that suited his requirements, so he decided to develop his own.

Since then, the BreedELITE Sheep Software has undergone countless revisions and upgrades as the field of sheep genetic selection and objective measurement has matured.

The software can now record more than 800 pieces of data per sheep.

"When BreedELITE Sheep was first developed, there was no national across flock genetic recording system for sheep, Electronic ID was in its infancy and genomics was only being dreamt about," Greg said.

The BreedELITE Sheep Software had full EID compatibility and barcode printing capability by 2003 and has continued to develop as new technology becomes available.

The software has been in operation in a number of flocks over the past 15 years and all enhancements have been developed with direct user feedback to what it is today.

"We were seeing our software users make great gains using the BreedELITE Sheep Software, however, we could see that their technology was holding them back," BreedELITE co-founder and developer, Tim Johnsson said.

"Getting all the different pieces of technology to integrate and work together as a system was far harder than it should be."

"So, in 2015 we threw out every single assumption we had about sheep technology and we started over... we listened to hundreds of stud breeders, commercial breeders and feedlot producers all over Australia."

"We assessed what progressive sheep producers wanted, what they needed, and what was required to achieve production and efficiency goals faster than ever before."

"The journey has been tough and rewarding, but after winning awards with AWI and having elite producers all over Australia raving and getting great results, we can see that our goal of helping sheep producers breed elite sheep has been realised."

The BreedELITE Smart Drafter (auto drafting and weighing machine) is built in South Australia and this year was certified as Australian made.

"We are proud to support the South Australian manufacturing industry whilst we support Australian sheep farmers," Tim said.

"We have worked long and hard to develop a seamless plug and play system to give you in-yard analytics and decision making, that makes everything simpler."

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