Letter to the Editor: Bad drivers' antics

Letter to the Editor: Bad drivers' antics

The Prime West shopping centre car park in Port Pirie is a great place in which to see bad driving.

I remind everyone that the speed limit in that car park is 10kmh, not the speeds you people choose to drive at in there.

Yes, it is signposted at every entry and exit point. The bad driving includes cutting corners, especially near BWS, which can lead to serious consequences. Failure to use indicators. Failure to give way. I see these deplorable driving habits all the time.

I have come close to being involved in accidents because of this stupidity. The lanes near BWS are clearly marked. If you need to cut that corner to make your right turn, you should never be driving.

The other one I see is drivers going past BWS on the wrong side of the road. If you need to do this, you need to seriously consider turning in your licence, selling your car and making the area safer.

Next time I go shopping there, I am seriously considering taking my camcorder, recording this behaviour, then showing it to our police.

I am sure they will be shocked with the antics.

  • Christopher Marshall, Risdon Park South