Fasciano's fantastic 250th

Thwarted again!

Nothing is easy in these days, especially for sports' organisers.

The Saturday rain was enough to make the grounds unplayable resulting in all games being transferred to Sunday.

Transferring to Sunday meant there were some major changes to teams, fortunately most games were able to be played.

Many thanks to the Dog Obedience Club for their understanding in our need to share the grounds with them.


Cougars V Tigers

This game did not disappoint one little bit.

In a close scoring game, Tigers got over the line, one of the advantages of batting second, especially in a tight game. Cougars got out to a 4 - 0 lead, courtesy of some strong batting from Ann Russack.

They held this lead until the bottom of the third innings.

At the bottom of the 5th innings, Tigers adopted a short game, bunting lead off batter Michaela Cox, followed by another bunt from Paula Peterson, both speedy runners.

Shianne Short got on bases and with scores tied, it looked like another drawn game.

Hayley Griffiths saved the day with a safe hit to centerfield her second safe hit for the day bringing in the winning run.

Cougars were down on regular numbers but would regret not being able to capitalise on a handy lead.

Solly Cats v Checkmates

Solly Cats recorded a win for their 250-game player Dominique Fasciano, but it was not without a struggle.

Cats struggled to bat flat against the accurate pitching of Rachel Ciampi for Checkmates.

This resulted in high fly balls which were swallowed up by Jaz Bignell who has an exceptional eye for the ball.

Bignell finished with 4 field outs.

It took Cats until the top of the fourth innings to assert their control on the game with an 8 run innings. Strong batting from Harper Bridley (2 home runs) Jess Axon (3 safe hits) and Penny Lynch (3 safe hits) plus some aggressive base running from the junior members were highlights of the innings. Bridley finished with 7 field outs and Ciampi 4 field outs.

Good umpiring, accurate pitching and a willingness to bat saw only 1 base on balls pitched for the entire game.

Checkmates were well below strength - well done to the juniors who elected to have a go in the senior grade.


Solly Cats v Checkmates

Things did not look all that good for Cats in their first innings - side away after facing 13 pitches.

Checkmates responded and managed to bring in one run courtesy a safe hit from Meteha DiGeronimo who is developing into a very versatile player.

Unfortunately, Checkmates could only add one more run for the game.

Cats got their skates on and whilst there were no standout batting performances most players down the line up contributed.

Amity Williams was a standout with a very solid performance at second base and Chloe Liddicoat would have been pleased with her batting form two safe hits from three at bats.

Cougars v Tigers

Cougars Shenae Fogden played a brilliant game at shortstop, as opposed to her normal left field position.

Her good work, however, was not enough to get her team over the line against the strength of Tigers.

They were not outclassed though, only going down by 3 runs.

Once again Cougars lacked batting depth with Brodie Fogden the best of the Cougars batters.

Cougars were only able to score in singles and really had trouble getting runners on base. Shekhani Warren for Tigers was a standout.

It is good to see her back on the diamond - 6 field players and one safe hit.

Tigers put on 3 runs at the bottom of the first innings and they plugged away to get a couple of singles.

Not a convincing win for Tigers, and something to look forward to for Cougars.


Cougars A3 v Checkmates U17

It is always a challenge playing against younger players, but Cougars A3 put up a particularly good show against the undefeated youngsters.

Donna Smith was a star with the bat - 3 safe hits and 3 play assists in the field.

It is great to see the enthusiasm of the young players and Jackson Edwards is no exception for Checkmates - must take after his day "Soxy"!! Edwards finished with 2 safe hits and 3 field outs to be among the best for his side.

In their last turn at bat, Checkmates broke away and brought in seven runs - the highlight a home run from Toby Ellis Nunn.


Gavin O'Brien batted strongly for Checkmates one hit, a beautiful three bagger over centerfield well done also to Farley O'Brien who was able to put bat to ball.

Lacie Pisani is learning the game and was credited with 2 field outs. For the winners Cougars, Kyarn Beazley is a strength, Rubi Thomas is getting stronger with the bat and Skye Voumard is showing ability in the difficult catching position.




Tigers 5 defeated Cougars 4

Best Players -

Tigers: Paula Peterson, Shianne Short, Hayley Griffith

Cougars: Ann Russack, Brooke Waldhuter, Alexis Hill

Solly Cats 16 defeated Checkmates 3

Best Players -

Solly Cats: Harper Bridley, Jess Axon, Penny Lynch

Checkmates: Rachel Ciampi, Sharon Combe, Jaz Bignell


Solly Cats 14 defeated Checkmates 2

Best Players -

Solly Cats: Amity Williams, Kelsey Monaghan, Annabel Arnold

Checkmates: Jessica Haren, Meteha DiGeronimo, Kia Dienhoff

Tigers 5 defeated Cougars 2

Best Players -

Tigers: Ariel Tee, Shekhani Warren, Jessica Finlayson

Cougars: Abbey Marsland, Tanya Hannaford, Shenae Fogden


Checkmates U17 11 defeated Cougars 7

Best Players -

Checkmates U17: Jackson Edwards, Jessie Backshall, Bridie Ellis Nunn

Cougars A3: Zoe Hannaford, Karen Bowering, Tanya Hannaford


Cougars 12 defeated Checkmates 4

Best Players -

Cougars: Rubi Thomas, Emily Grant, Payton Roberts

Checkmates: Gavin O'Brien, Farley O'Brien, Xander Duthie

Fixture, December 12


Cougars v Solly Cats (3) 1.45

Tigers v Checkmates (3) 3.45


Tigers v Checkmates (1) 1.45

Cougars v Solly Cats (1) 3.45


Checkmates U17 v Cougars U17 (3) 11.45

Solly Cats A3 v Cougars A3 (5) 1.45

U13 Girls

Tigers v Checkmates (1) 10.00

Cougars v Checkmates (1) 11.45

U9 Girls/Boys Softball Batter Up

FUN DAY (3) 10.00

CANTEEN DUTY: Checkmates 9.30am - 5.30pm TWO PEOPLE

BAR DUTY: Solly Cats 1.30pm - 6.30pm