Undefeated youngsters to challenge more senior Cats

RETURN: Solly cats Jerry Lee Brown was one of the juniors featuring in Cats Senior side earlier this season.
RETURN: Solly cats Jerry Lee Brown was one of the juniors featuring in Cats Senior side earlier this season.

COVID and weather permitting, games will resume at Leonard Park on Saturday.

All players and spectators are reminded to be respectful of COVID safe practices which have been put in place by the Board of Management, in the canteen and bar area. Sanitising stations are near the hall.


Top of the table Cougars and second placed Tigers clash in the early game.

Both teams are renowned for their willingness to bat and then run bases aggressively.

This game would be a good game for any junior to watch to get an understanding of just how positive energy can generate results.

Loud and proud - Paula Peterson is a great example of showing enthusiasm for Tigers and probably she is matched on Cougars side by Amber Steff.

Both are known for their chatter from the bench.

There is also a place for the quiet achiever - Emily Gonsalves from Cougars with a shy smile, but a massive ability to bat the ball and Shianne Short for Tigers who is fearless at third base and an excellent base runner.

Solly Cats and Checkmates face off in the late time slot, who will Cats have available for their line up this week.

Hopefully with a couple of weeks off players may have a chance to iron out their sore spots, although if Gus Cutler continues to ride motor bikes with reckless abandon who know what could happen for her.

Before the break Rachel Ciampi put in one of her best games for the season and Sharon Ciampi a most under rated player has been back to her best form with the bat.

Her chatter from first base is a bonus.

This will be an interesting encounter.

A2 Women

Solly Cats and Checkmates compete against one another in this grade. Checkmates would be hoping for a form reversal. In their last encounter with the young Cats side Checkmates were well and truly beaten. Annabel Arnold is a secure target at first, Jerry Lee Brown is a speedster in the outfield and Hannah Mark is really improving at short stop.

Kylie Backshall for Checkmates is working hard on her pitching and with all the training she is doing, this, in time will pay off. The work of Bernie Goode is a feature of Checkmates side - Goode has a lot of sound softball knowledge she is good value in that team

What will the Tigers line-up look like against Cougars. Before the break coach, Kristy Thomas stated that she would like to see her batters get more aggressive in the batting box.

This is easier said than done if Cougars face the pitcher catcher combination of Jess Finlayson and Emma Kerr.

Finlayson is having a great season - another person who has a wealth of softball knowledge and puts this knowledge to good advantage especially from the pitching plate.

A3 - U17 mixed

It is the start of another mixed round and Cats will play Cougars U17 - it will be interesting to see how much the new Cats team has learned since the break.

This team is very enthusiastic, and they are eager to get back to training this week. There is a lot of talent in the Cougars side, it is simply a matter of belief.

Checkmates U17 have been displaying some big batting courtesy of Toby Ellis Nunn and Maigan Scheubeck and Tate Noble has also improved. Cougars A3 might find this side a little hard to defeat.

Under 13

The youngest teams in the competition get an early start and it is to be hoped that they continue to show improvement with bat on ball. It is not important that they do not make it to first base, but to put bat on ball is an achievement in this grade.


5th December, 2020


Cougars v Tigers (3) 1.45pm

Solly Cats v Checkmates (3) 3.45pm


Solly Cats v Checkmates (1) 1.45pm

Cougars v Tigers (1) 3.45pm


Solly Cats A3 v Cougars U17 (3) 11.45

Cougars A3 v Checkmates U17 (5) 11.45

U13 Girls

Checkmates v Cougars (1) 10.00

Tigers v Cougars (1) 11.45

U9 Girls/Boys Softball Batter Up (5) 10.00

Canteen: Solly Cats 9.30am-5.30pm - two people