Softball teams fight for premiership hope

Softball, like many community sports is in recess now, with anticipated games to commence on the first week in December. If COVID did not get us, then the heat certainly would have with predicted temperatures heading to the 40-degree mark.

TALENT: Harper Bridley, a young pitcher for Solly Cats, managed four safe hits last week.

TALENT: Harper Bridley, a young pitcher for Solly Cats, managed four safe hits last week.


Cougars sit on top of the ladder with 9 points, hot on their heels are Tigers with 8 points. Checkmates and Solly Cats fill 3rd and 4th position respectively with a lot of ground to make up if they are to reach that elusive second chance.

Despite the low rankings of Checkmates and Solly Cats, both sides have had a good couple of weeks with Cats, gradually getting players back from injury and Checkmates' senior players producing some good softball.

Cougars would still be the fancy to take out this season's premiership - a young team with plenty of enthusiasm against a Tiger side who have a great belief in their ability to do the unexpected. Hard hitting and strong base running are their trademark.


Solly Cats and Tigers share top spot with 10 points each. Cats with juniors who have graduated from the under 17 competition and Tigers with more senior experience, but not necessarily the mobility around the bases. Checkmates and Cougars share third and fourth place with 2 points each. Checkmates were minor premiers last season and Cougars were right up there with a chance at the flag. Unfortunately, players in both these sides have not kicked on this season. They will need a lot of discipline to rise higher on the ladder.


Cougars have been favourites from the beginning of the season and lead the competition by 4 points from Solly Cats. Well served by some very crafty senior players Cougars have had the edge on Cats but expect this to change as the inexperienced Cats side grows in confidence in learning the intricacies of the game of softball.


Checkmates would be extremely excited with their junior side who have not yet been beaten. Some of the juniors in both the Cougars and Checkmates sides are playing in higher grades each week. This has improved their respective games. Look forward to this being an extremely competitive grade, holding interest for players and spectators alike.


Cougars lead the way very comfortably in this grade. A learning competition for the three teams involved. It is a credit to see the improvement each week as players become more confident in being able to bat the ball. Well done to the coaching staff especially in this grade as they guide their young players in improving their softball skills.