New Port Pirie Diocese' Bishop welcomed

The Catholic Diocese of Port Pirie has installed a new Bishop, Karol Kulczychi SDS.

The installation ceremony was held in St Mark's Cathedral late last month, with past and present bishops from South Australia and the Northern Territory attending, including Archbishop of Adelaide Patrick O'Regan and Emeritus Bishop Greg O'Kelly SJ.

Bishop Karol Kulczycki was born in Poland in 1966 and was ordained to the priesthood in Our Lady of Fatima Church, Trzebinia, in 1994. He was ordained a bishop in the same church on September 29 this year.

Bishop Karol arrived in Port Pirie from Poland after serving quarantine requirements, and had previously spent 21 years as a missionary priest in Western Australia.

He returned to Poland in 2018 after being elected vice-provincial of the Polish province of the Society of the Divine Savior.

"God is working in mysterious ways in my life," Bishop Karol said.

"Firstly, calling me unexpectedly to religious and priestly life; secondly, directing my heart to serve Him in Australia and now serving Him and His people in Port Pirie Diocese.

Bishop Karol is the 12th bishop of the Port Pirie Diocese - one of the largest in Australia and is itself three times the size of Poland.

It stretches from Uluru to Port Lincoln and from the WA border to the River Murray.

Bishop Greg O'Kelly, the retiring Bishop of Port Pirie, said the people and clergy of the diocese are "loyal and committed" and all look forward to receiving Bishop Karol as our new Chief Pastor.

The Catholic Diocese of Port Pirie said they looked forward to a long and blessed relationship with Bishop Karol.