Pirie Uni Hub Open Day success

Uni Hub Spencer Gulf's first official Port Pirie campus Open Day has been deemed a success.

Held on September 14, the Uni Hub's university partners CQUniversity, Flinders University and the University of Adelaide were present to speak with prospective students about university pathways and degrees.

Key employers including Nyrstar, Uniting Country SA, Centrecare, Regional Health Service and the Port Pirie Regional Council were present to provide information about graduate opportunities across the region.

Uni Hub chief executive officer Anita Crisp said the day was about showcasing the pathways available to Port Pirie students.

"It was really great. It was about giving people the opportunity to come in and get information about the university pathway and the qualification and then a direct link to a job locally at the end of it," she said.

"There is a common misconception that there are no jobs in the country and particularly that at that professional level, the only way you are going to get a job is to leave, but the reality is actually the reverse.

"That is what the Uni Hub is trying to do is grow our own workforce, because we know that if you train people locally they are more likely to stay and that is really good for stability of the workforce, the community and also the individuals because it means they don't have to pack up and leave."

Ms Crisp said it was great to see a spread of attendees throughout the day.

"We had quite a number of Year 12's who were considering their options and that was from the local schools both John Pirie Secondary School and St Mark's College," she said.

"But we actually had quite a number of people who are already in the workforce, but looking to upgrade their qualifications.

"Quite a number of enquiries were for postgraduate university courses, so everything from our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program and some post grad health courses as well, but then we also had a few people that came in looking to re-skill and completely change career paths."

Ms Crisp said it was also a great opportunity for Port Pirie students to come in and take a look at the Uni Hub.

"The study centre itself is actually available to anyone who might be enrolled in any University," she said.

"So it doesn't matter if you are studying online with whoever, or even if students are based in Adelaide at the city holidays, but when they come home for uni holidays they are still welcome to come in and use the facility.

"It just gives them somewhere that they can keep up with their studies, or if their internet breaks down at home or their printer is not working, they have got somewhere that they can use."

Ms Crisp said overall they couldn't have asked for a better day.

"Because it was the first community Open Day that we held, we thought that we would see how it went, but it was just wonderful," she said.

"The employers were fantastic, the Uni partners were great and we had some really good feedback from the participants as well.

"For them it was coming in and being able to have a one-on-one chat with Kim Gregory, our student services coordinator, the universities and the employers, it just really helped put things into perspective.

"It was a lot more of a personalised approach and that is something that we do pride ourselves on at the Uni Hub, because we are not huge we can provide that really personalised service and support."