Solomontown Primary put on their jeans for Jeans for Genes day

Solomontown Primary School students put on their jeans for school this morning as part of a fundraiser for Jeans for Genes day.

Staff and students dressed up in blue and participated in a range of activities to support the cause and help find a cure for genetic diseases in children.

The school raised a total of $544.25, which will be donated to the Children's Medical Research Institute.

Solomontown Primary deputy principal Katina Athanasos said there are one in 20 kids faced with a birth defect or genetic disease, but it doesn't have to be this way.

"What that looks like here is students are wearing denim jeans, or wearing something blue, we have got students here with blue hair, really enjoying themselves and embracing the Jeans for Genes day," she said.

"We have got a range of activities that students are doing in the classroom with their teachers, which focuses on understanding what the day is about.

"We have teachers educating the students about genetic diseases, staff helping with cooking biscuits and we have governing council helping with the sausage sizzle."

Miss Athanasos said while there are some fun activities, it is important for children to be educated and have an understanding about children living with a genetic disease.

"It is really important for students to be made aware of what diseases are out there, because what we know is that everyone is different in their own unique way," she said.

"It is about having an understanding about what it is for a child to have a genetic disease or a defect and how that impacts on their ability to do everyday things just the way they would do things.

"If we can fundraise and make a difference in science and genetic testing then hopefully that can make an impact for those one in 20 children."

Miss Athanasos said it is great to see all staff and students come together and embrace the day.

"It is really good because it brings us together as a community and when you are with a community and you develop that sense of community anything is possible.

"There is a team atmosphere and everyone is playing their own part in making the day what it is.

"It brings a smile to everyone's faces and knowing that we are doing this for a good cause to hopefully make a change and impact for those one in 20 children."

Solomontown Primary School would like to thank Baker's Delight for donating bread and TJ's Meat for their donation of sausages.