Pirie teen arrested after being caught riding motorised bike

Teen arrested on motorised bike

A teenager was arrested after being caught riding a motorised bike in Port Pirie.

Shortly after 6.30pm on August 3, police allege they saw a push bike on Jensen Street that had been fitted with a motor and was emitting a loud noise. They pulled over the bike and spoke to the rider.

It was alleged that the 16-year-old Port Pirie boy did not hold a motorcycle licence, only a learner's car permit.

The boy was also riding the bike at night without lights and without a helmet.

He recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.114 and also tested positive to cannabis.

He was arrested and charged with driving unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured, without a helmet, no lights and drink-driving. His sample was sent for forensic testing.

The teenager was bailed to appear in the Port Pirie Youth Court on September 9. He was also issued with an instant six-month loss of licence for drink-driving.

The homemade motorised bike, which had insufficient braking and only one set of working brakes was impounded for 28 days.

Image: SAPOL

Image: SAPOL

Image: SAPOL

Image: SAPOL