Trees destroyed along Wandearah Road in pointless act

Trees along Wandearah Road were destroyed at the weekend in what is being described as a "senseless act".

Each of the trees along the stretch of road was planted by Port Pirie Regional Council.

It has taken about four years for them to grow, but only a matter of minutes for them to be destroyed.

Mayor Leon Stephens said he cannot begin to imagine what goes through the minds of the people who damage property and the environment.

"I just cannot fathom how angry you must be with yourself or how low your self-esteem you must be that you have to beat up on a tree," he said.

"We planted along Wandearah Road a spacing of those beautiful trees ... every one of them now has been destroyed by vandals.

"If they have no pride in their own community, then leave ... we don't want them here."

Port Pirie resident Gerry Chivell said she was driving along Wandearah Road and felt disgusted that anyone would damage the trees.

"It made me feel sick ... I pulled over and thought how could someone do that," she said.

"It was not as if it were done by a couple of drunkards being stupid like there has in the past.

"It was like they had purposely gone out and had a go at whatever they could.

"It just costs the council more money ... it is ratepayers' money. "

Ms Chivell, who is a former councillor, said it makes people upset that trees have been damaged in what was a pointless act.

"A city like Port Pirie doesn't need things smashed down," she said.

"It is an entry point for people coming from out of town and it is not a good look.

"Get a life ... just leave them alone, it is not necessary."