Solomontown Primary students celebrate 100 days of school

Solomontown Primary School has celebrated 100 days of school.

Students from reception to Year 2 engaged in a number of fun activities to commemorate the day.

As part of the junior primary numeracy program students count the number of days at school.

Special options teacher Rachel Tubb said the day was organised by the junior primary team as they felt a milestone was reached for the year.

"We thought that particularly this year because it has been such a massive year with the coronavirus and we felt 100 days of school was quite a big thing and we should celebrate it," she said.

"All of them can identify with 100, even if they are not familiar with all the numbers and it is a good learning opportunity which is fun.

"It is such a motivating and engaging activity for the kids and it is something that they can see meaning in."

Ms Tubb said students took part in five different activities all with significance to the number 100.

"They completed a fishing activity where they had 100 fish and had to work in pairs using pool noodles with pipe-cleaner hooks and loops," she said.

"There were some stories and craft, a pyramid stack of 100 cups, and made badges and photos using an app where it simulated what they would look like in 100 years time."

The students finished the day with a dance party to the much requested 'chicken dance'.

Ms Tubb said she felt the day was important as the students have been quite isolated with the coronavirus and it allows them to let loose and enjoy being together at school.

"It's fun, it gets them together and it is about connecting school with their life and creating meaning from what they are doing at school in an engaging way," she said.

"Just the fun element and the togetherness, because they have to talk with each other and in the fishing activity they had to work together as a team.

"It was really good for staff as well because we had a lot of fun bringing it together and getting ready for it."

Ms Tubb said the highlight of the day was seeing smiles on the students faces.

"I love it ... I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing them so excited and happy and feeling connected because that's really what it is," she said.

"As a teacher that is how you want kids to feel when they are at school, you want them to feel safe and happy and like they are someone and mean something ... it is very positive."