Tackle Count: Benji Marshall and David Fifita, different but so similar

Benji Marshall and David Fifita: Stars in their own rights.
Benji Marshall and David Fifita: Stars in their own rights.

The trials and tribulations of footy players has been perfectly encapsulated by the dilemmas facing two guns.

At one end of the age and experience spectrum is Brisbane Bronco David Fifita. At the other the "aged star" Tiger Benji Marshall. On their day, what deadset footy fan wouldn't want to be watching them both at their special best?

Fifita has a huge decision awaiting him. The Titans have reportedly upped their offer to a NRL record deal of $1.25 million a season. Few 20-year-old's would be able to resist such a lure. But ... Fifita could be one of them.

Laurie Daley addresses exactly that issue in his weekly ACM column. He, too, was chased by clubs offering riches to tempt him from the Raiders lime-green. We know how history turned out for Daley, but will Fifita consider the same factors?

As for Benji, well, he's back on the bench for the Tigers for their round nine match against the Rabbits - after a five-week wander in the wilderness.

Coach Michael Maguire has retained Josh Reynolds and Luke Brooks as the starting halves but the prospect of Marshall waiting in the wings, even at 35 years of age, is a smile-inducing one.

And you know what? Benji might have a word or two to say to young Mr Fifita about clubs and loyalty and all the invisibles of an NRL career, too.

* This edition of Tackle Count was written by Janine Graham.

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