Crystal Brook Football Club to receive upgrades

PROUD: Crystal Brook Football Club president Ian Lambert
PROUD: Crystal Brook Football Club president Ian Lambert

The Crystal Brook Football Club will soon receive an $470,000 upgrade, thanks to funding from the federal government, Port Pirie Regional Council and the YMCA.

The upgrades will feature a unisex change room, lighting upgrades at the netball courts and a new canteen.

Crystal Brook Football Club president Ian Lambert said the upgrades had been in the pipeline for the past 12 months and will be well received by residents.

"It is going to do a lot for women's football because at the moment female players are having to use the men's change rooms," Mr Lambert said.

"These new ones will be set up for women and in our visiting side it also means there will be new men's change rooms for them as well."

Mr Lambert said the facilities would be able to be used for other events, including by the cricket club, organised boot camps and the show society.

The Port Pirie YMCA, which has been shut for a number of years, contributed $265,000 towards the upgrades.

"They played a really big role in this and I can't thank them enough for what they have done," Mr Lambert said.

Former YMCA president Ian Eberhard said the Crystal Brook Football Club is one of many projects being supported in the community.

"When we shut the YMCA a number of years ago, the funds from the sale of the YMCA building and land has been sitting in a trust fund to be used for the community," Mr Eberhard said.

"We pledged funding if they could get the remainder of the funding from various government grants, which they were successful with."

Upgrades will commence in October, following the end of the football season.