Pirie golf club to get greener fairways

Port Pirie Golf Club president Grant Norton
Port Pirie Golf Club president Grant Norton

The Port Pirie Golf Club is moving towards greener fairways, in the hopes to keep keen golfers in the town.

With about 84 members, the golf club is hoping to increase to 140 memberships, which would financially support water costs.

Port Pirie Golf Club president Grant Norton said although the course was looking greener following some rainfall, it was just unsustainable moving forward.

"We are looking at watering nine target golf fairways around the outer part of the course," Mr Norton said.

Mr Norton said the clubrooms had undergone renovations, with freshly painted walls and new carpets making it a great space for dinners and functions.

"We are just trying to generate a bit more interest in people to come and play," he said.

Mayor Leon Stephens said the Port Pirie Regional Council would continue to work with, and assist the club.

"I think a city needs a golf club," Mr Stephens said.

"We worked on a plan to get that membership up and we feel that we can achieve that."

Mr Stephens was encouraging the community to get involved and head down to the club, which was now open for Friday night teas.

"If you haven't been a member or haven't been to the golf club for a meal on a Friday night or a drink on a Saturday afternoon, try it," Mr Stephens said.

"It is an absolutely beautiful environment ... the club rooms have been done up and it looks fantastic there.

"It is an under-utilised jewel that we have."

The course is open to anyone who wants to come out and play for a $5 fee and the club is offering an introductory membership of $150 over the next nine months.

For more information visit Port Pirie Golf Club on its Facebook page.