Balancing focus is essential

BALANCING ACT: Life is a mixture of positive and negative experiences.
BALANCING ACT: Life is a mixture of positive and negative experiences.

There are some people who see life as being a glass half-full; others who see life as a glass half-empty; and more still who take their chances, drink whatever's in the glass and move on.

Life is a mixture of positive and negative experiences.

Survival is about how we deal with both or either at any given time.

Balancing focus is essential.

There are traps in concentrating on the negative while ignoring the positive, as much as there are traps in concentrating on the positive and ignoring the negative.

Little wonder then that, given the pressures of life, so many people feel their capacity to control that balance is slipping from their grasp or that they've lost it entirely.

Those who are suffering the most are the ones where negativity has become the driving force...where the darkness has replaced most of the light...where sadness has swamped happiness.

The good news is that there are tried and proven strategies which can help each and every one of us turn our lives around.

It's not a cookie-cutter approach - a one-size fits all solution - because every one of us has come to this time in our lives by travelling along different paths.

While we can see similarities in other paths and life experiences around us, we are all individuals.

The first step in helping to discover those strategies is wanting to. It's as simple as that. Being willing to make change is essential.

Balance is not something that can be required of an individual. It has little to do with the wants and desires of friends and families.

External force achieves little more than to highlight negativity.

Real change is driven from within the individual who desires it.

It's then that friends and family can and should step in and show their support.


Accept that every day will come with its own challenges and rewards.

It's inevitable that some days will be better than others.

Do not overthink it. Over preparation and expectation can be far more unsettling than sitting back and waiting for things to happen.

Try not to regret the past. There is nothing that can be done to change it.

Try not to fear the future. It will happen.

Grab today...the next hour...the next minute...with both hands and make the most of it.

Gary Bentley is a counsellor with Rural Aid