When collecting pastimes becomes a hobby in itself

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How hard can it be?

I'm sure everyone's heard this often naive, sometimes dangerous, question uttered many times in their life.

It can lead to everything from gold medals to broken bones, but I've found myself wandering down that path in recent weeks.

Before you get too concerned, I'm not doing anything that can result in broken bones.

I've mostly been taking time to return to hobbies I've loved in the past, or start new ones in the hope of discovering a long lost talent.

My parents bought me a viola for my 12th birthday. Over the years I practiced it with varying levels of determination.

Whether or not I had the patience to devote enough time to it as a teen is irrelevant to my current self. I am going to become a pro at this instrument as an adult.

*Nervous laugh*

But this time at home even has me straying from my instruments of comfort, the viola and guitar, and asking my parents for virtual lessons in piano and, wait for it, maths.

It might not become anything long-lasting, but one thing's for sure - I'm finding it relaxing and enjoyable spreading my hobby wings.

I know I'm not the only one adding new or familiar pastimes to my day.

Earlier this month, the Bendigo Advertiserencouraged readers to write letters to people in aged care.

Meanwhile, a chef in NSW's Hunter Valley has been hosting online cooking classes, popular multiplayer online video game Roblox has launched an Easter egg hunt, and ACM journalist Renee Valentine has rediscovered her love of running.

Here's one for the night owls. If you're looking for something fun to do, a supermoon is expected to light up the sky tonight.

Maybe I could add astronomy to my recreational list.

My husband and I have been doing odd DIY renovation jobs, I spent my Saturday creating bright and funky 'art' on the computer, and I was surprisingly close to buying a sewing machine a few days ago.

Oh, and I've made banana bread.

That's a lot of banana bread. Good thing my friends don't mind me sharing my cooking creations. As far as I know.

That's a lot of banana bread. Good thing my friends don't mind me sharing my cooking creations. As far as I know.

Yes, I'm one of those wannabe bakers posting their creations on Instagram. If your food looked this happy though you would too.

At least I haven't shared any home workouts. Who knows, maybe I'll start doing that next week.

How hard can it be? I guess you really only know once you try.

Betina Hughes

Digital journalist, ACM

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