Wait. Move aside and let Patrick Dangerfield speak

We know that these are unprecedented times so let's just do it. Throw caution (and every bit of intelligence we have) to the wind and just set up an NRL Fantasy Island somewhere and an AFL version somewhere else.

What could go wrong? That's a rhetorical question, don't even start.

The logistics of wrangling clubs, support staff and everything in between to a single location - or even three of four bubbles as has been suggested in the NRL's case - is head-shakingly random.

Earlier this week a similar plan fo the AFL was floated - three clusters of six clubs in three different states or maybe even one location with all the clubs.

There was much conjecture, many opinions and not a lot of agreement.

The pile-on of ideas continued until the tipping point was found. That was when AFL Players' Association president Patrick Dangerfield offered up a slice of reality.

"I know these are desperate times, but we have also got to be measured in our response to this."

Whaaat? Well, that's the TV rights and the merch dollars from our "AFL Island" experiment gone.

But how comforting to know the players' representative is not just capable of independent thought but is not blindly walking into negotiations waiting to be manipulated.

We (the entire world that is, not just sporting communities) are working all this out as we go.

That, too, is acknowledged by Dangerfield who is exhibiting all the signs of understanding the word "perspective".

He said: ''It's more and bigger than just sport, so let's get through it first and make logical decisions post.''

ARL Commission chairman Peter V'Landys is a supreme sports administrator.

He doubles as the Racing New South Wales boss, so knows as much about bottom lines as any bean counter.

He's made no secret that he's keen for the footy to get going again - and soon.

"We want the competition to remain as authentic and genuine as we can," V'landys said. "We don't want people questioning if the grand final winner deserved it or not. That's why we want to start the season as soon as possible."

But still, all those pesky government warnings remain in place. For now - and the foreseeable future.

It's been reported an NRL innovation committee will meet tomorrow before more video-linked consultation. Wonder if Patrick Dangerfield gets an invite?

Janine Graham is an ACM journalist

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