Like-minded travellers find love

RIDERS: Love on the move

RIDERS: Love on the move

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Valentine's Day couple Ivy and Neville Waye are on a romantic journey together.

With their mobile scooters side-by-side, they travel the city footpaths and carparks on shopping and social trips.

Mrs Waye, 81, and Mr Waye, 82, celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday by riding their machines into town from Pirie West.

"I had a few drinks and Ivy played the pokies," Mr Waye said.

The day was sweetened for Mrs Waye because she won "a little bit" from her pokies' flutter.

The couple know the ups-and-downs of romance, having both been married before.

They have notched up 19 years together since moving to Port Pirie from Waikerie.

"We had a friend living on Weeroona Island and we came to visit him, spending more time there than at Waikerie so we bought a house and came over," Mr Waye said.

Mr Waye has ridden a mobile-scooter or "gopher" for five years and Mrs Waye joined him a year ago with her buggy.

They travel in single-file on narrow footpaths, but The Recorder spotted them riding side-by-side along the walkway into Ellen Street shopping centre.

Mrs Waye said she had an accident that led her to the seat of her mobile-scooter.

"I had a bad fall and I couldn't drive the car any more," she said.

"I now get around on the 'gopher' and keep together with Neville."

Mr Waye is a former earthmoving operator while Mrs Waye once worked hard at packing fruit in Waikerie.

"We were married in 2000. We have both been married twice before and this has been a very happy marriage," Mr Waye said.