BHAS powers home to win

BHAS powers home to win

Saturday bowls

Boucherplayed at home against Booleroo Centre and won 96 shots to 83 shots.

Jeff Arnold's rink with John Casey, Ray Baverstock and Steve Clark lost to Brenton Badenoch's rink 16 shots to 28 shots.

Brenton's rink got off to a good start and kept the pressure on, leading all day.

Barry Magor's rink with Peter Davies, Colin Lang and Barry Scarman won against Neil Kupke's rink 28 shots to 20 shots.

BHAS started badly and were behind until the fourteenth end when they levelled the score at 14 shots all.

They finished strongly winning most of the remaining ends.

Pat Vella's rink with Judy Underwood, Harry Ciotucha and Peter Kilgallon won against Phil Waters' rink 23 shots to 18 shots.

They were behind until the thirteenth end when they caught up and powered home.

Glen Jackson's rink with Wilma Hendry, Darryle Thompson and Doug Randall won against Colin Nottle's rink 29 shots to 17 shots.

[Boucher] were behind until the thirteenth end when they caught up and powered home.

They had a mighty start winning nine consecutive ends. This set them up for the rest of the game and they had a solid win.

O'Shaughnessy Blue played at Caltowie and lost 94 shots to 105 shots.

Brian Green's rink with Doug Ahola, Frank Amato and Melinda Pearce lost to Trevor Duke's rink 21 shots to 27 shots.

BHAS got off to a good start and led until scores were levelled on the eighteenth end. Thereafter Caltowie got in front and stayed there. Jeff Clifford's rink with Gene Todd, Marie Williams and Lina Amato had a close win against David Henderson's rink 28 shots to 27 shots.

They were ten shots in front at one stage, but Caltowie pegged them back and hit the lead on the twentieth end. Jeff's rink won the last three ends so secured a win.

Brian Key's rink with Peter Flower, Alan Manfield and Shirley Bennett won against Tom Malone's rink 31 shots to 21 shots.

BHAS had a bad start but slogged away to level scores on the fourteenth end. Thereafter they powered home with some good multiples.

Fred Searle's rink with Brad Hurley, Tony Amato and Ken Jeffrey lost to Trevor Crawford's rink 14 shots to 30 shots.

BHAS was competitive for the first ten ends, but then Caltowie went ahead winning more ends with more multiple scores.

O'Shaughnessy Red played against Wirabarra and won 90 shots to 88 shots. We finally won a close game and it was a real come from behind win, which was a pleasant change for us!

Di Watson's rink with Pamela Stevens, Nancy Warne and Rose Hearn lost to John Oakey's rink 18 shots to 21 shots. BHAS was two shots up on the sixteenth end, but then lost five consecutive ends, which included a five shot end.

However, Di's Girls won three of the last four ends to make a closer finish. Roger Becker's rink with Fred Noble, Brenton Smith and Don Bessen won against Peter Reichstein's rink 26 shots to 17 shots.

The first fifteen ends were very even, but Roger's rink came home strongly winning seven of the last ten ends, including a handy five shot end.

Roger's rink was our only winning rink, but his winning score carried the other three rinks. Thanks Roger! June Osborne's rink with Joylene Todd, Mick Ganley and Ron Gray lost to Lyn Taylor's rink 24 shots to 27 shots. Scores were close all day.

Pat McMahon's rink with Coral Partridge, Phil Rohrsheim and Joe Mezzini lost to Brett Murdock's rink 22 shots to 23 shots.

Although Pat's rink lost it was only one shot difference and given that they were down by fourteen shots on the twentieth end, it was an amazing turnabout!

Pat's rink won the last five ends, all with multiples. To narrow the margin to only one shot felt like a win. Great perseverance!

Royalsreceived a forfeit from Crystal Brook. Even though it's recorded as a win, our Royals would much have preferred to play a game.

It's going to sizzle this week, but may be okay to play our final game for this year. Good wishes for the holiday season.

BHAS ladies' bowls

Blue received a forfeit from Pt. Germein.

Goldplayed against Crystal Brook at Crystal Brook and had a draw, 39 shots all.

Di Watson's rink with Melinda Pearce, Nancy Warne and Lorraine May won against Agnes Dhu's rink 22 shots to 15 shots.

A handy 5 shot score on the seventh end put BHAS in front and they remained in the lead for the rest of the game.

Pamela Stevens' rink with Joylene Todd, Lina Amato and June Osborne lost to Sue Burgess' rink 17 shots to 24 shots.

The margin had been higher, but a much needed 7 shot score on the fourteenth end had BHAS in touch and more competitive.

Purple had a good win against Wirabarra by over 20 shots.

Aggie Davies' rink with Glenys Meyers, Alan Manfield and Iris Petitt won against Liz Trott's rink by over 20 shots which was a solid performance. Well done.

Marian Sandow's rink with Jill Spillman, Helen Magor and Donna Coad had a win over Jill Milne's rink 19 shots to 18 shots.

This was a come from behind win, with Marian playing a super shot with her last bowl to give her rink a narrow win.

Well done all Purples!

Well with the coming week set to sizzle we have probably played our last game until the new year.