New champions crowned

The Port Pirie Table Tennis grand final was played on Tuesday, December 10.

The Green team defeated the Black team 3-2 in some close matches in the Division 1 competition.

In Division 2, the Black team absolutely thrashed the Blue team 10-0.

The Green team was led by Scott Gray as their number one player who is Port Pirie's best player and always wins every match he plays and Darby Munn their number two player who usually plays very well, but he didn't win his singles this time.

Stephen Gray, the Black team's number one player also plays very well, but couldn't beat his son Scott.

Len Smith, the black team's number two player, won his single game against Darby Munn, playing very well.

In the Division 2 matches, the Black team was led by Ken Gould who has played table tennis forever and has played very well for many years.

Dave Hissey, the Black team's number two player, was playing his first competition table tennis season and has improved incredibly well and won all his matches this time.

He has two young sons, Adam and Corey, who have played the last couple of seasons with us and played very well.

Adam, who is only 12-years-old, won a lot of his matches this season and is the Blue team's number one player.

A fantastic effort.

Their father Dave was playing with them at home, then decided to join them to play in the competition and has played very well, especially as it is his first time.

Brian Carragher, the Black team's number three player, has also only recently joined the competition in the last two or so years and played very well, especially this season, so a great effort.

In the Blue team, Adam Hissey has done very well especially being so young, but unfortunately didn't win this time, but did improve over the season.

Paula Hodgson, the Blue team's number two player, had a good season winning most matches, but didn't at the grand final and neither did Sonia Clarke, the Blue's number three player, but she has improved over the season winning some matches.

The Division 1 players also played a Switch Doubles match where they change partners and Stephen Gray won that, a very good effort.

The most improved player for the competition was Brian Carragher who won a trophy.

The encouragement awards went to Kev Watkins from the Division 1 competition and Sonia Clarke from the Division 2 competition.

A good effort from them all.

Grand Final Results

Tuesday, Dec 10


GREEN: 3-6 defeated BLACK: 2-8

Scott Gray and Darby Munn defeated Stephen Gray and Len Smith: 12-14, 11-9,11-8,11-7

Scott Gray defeated Len Smith: 11-2,11-2,11-3

Darby Munn lost to Stephen Gray: 4-11,,4-11,3-11

Scott Gray defeated Stephen Gray: 9-11, 14-12, 11-8,11-8

Darby Munn lost to Lenny Smith: 11-7,7-11, 9-11, 9-11


BLACK: 9 defeated BLUE: 0

Ken Gould defeated Adam Hissey: 12-10, 11-9,9-11, 11-4

Dave Hissey defeated Paula Hodgson: 11-5,11-5, 8-7, 11-7

Brian Carragher defeated Sonia Clarke: 11-4.11-6,11-3

Dave Hissey defeated Sonia Clarke: 11-6,11-2,11-4

Dave Hissey defeated Adam Hissey 11-5,11-13, 11-7,11-9

Brian Carragher defeated Paula Hodgson: 10-12, 14-12,11-7,7-11,11-9

Ken Gould and Dave Hissey defeated Adam Hissey and Paula Hodgson: 11-3,10-12, 11-9,11-9

Ken Gould and Brian Carragher defeated Adam Hissey and Sonia Clarke: 6-11, 11-9,11-5,12-10

Dave Hissey and Brian Carragher defeated Paula Hodgson and Sonia Clarke: 11-6, 14-12, 11-4