Nosey: From the 1940 archives

FLASHBACK: Checkmates won the U14 softball competition.
FLASHBACK: Checkmates won the U14 softball competition.

The winners of the babies' competition held during the Labor events were Roxley James Hall (under 12 months), John Baker (runner-up). The best child was Kevin Davis. June Baird was best under six months. A special award went to Gaynor Thornton.

Port Pirie Post Office would close at 1.30pm on Saturdays.

A medal donated by Mr Charles Metcalf, a former resident living in Melbourne, would be awarded to the best player in the Port Pirie Cricket Association each year.

Another success for Snow White in its third performance. The cast: Fairies Carlene Wilton, Shirley Telford, Shirley Messenger, Colleen O'Toole, Maxine Wilkins, Valda Patrick, Sylvia Niedorfer, Betty Wolter, Jean Davis, Connie Dite, June Millard, Margaret Ramsay, Lorna Geyer, Patty Walters, Elba Barr, Valma Johnson, Joy Ryder, Patty Ryder. Glow worms: Patsy Yates, Betty Gieblich, Betty Evans. Raindrops: Margaret Jeffrey, Ceely Bairstow. Elves: David Finlay, Jeff Finlay, Ray Worrall, Jeff Worrall, Allan Messenger. Roses: Mary Penglis, Fay Castle, Louis Williams. Wattle girls: Gloria Swan, Lorraine Swan, Nellie Worrall, Doreen Watts, Marion Mounsey, Norma Patrick, June Easton, Peggy Brown. The seven dwarfs: Roly Taylor, John Buchanan, Bill Buchanan, John Pryor, Don Warner, George Penglis, Robert Hudson.

Port Pirie Combined Football team to play South Adelaide League side were R Head, F Stigwood, S Green, L Kretschmer, P Fawcett, S Warne, R Honnibal, E Seery, M Stigwood, P Sly, J Ulseth, C Ryan, A Barr, J Nitz, W Connor, first ruck D Kershaw, J Roseberg, H Smale, second ruck A Barr, S Green, F Stigwood, reserves R Murdock, J O'Brien, E Fiddaman. South Adelaide 19.9 def Port Pirie 12.9.

A varied entertainment was at the Memorial Oval to raise money for the Patriotic Fund.

A variety night was held at the Town Hall for the Catholic Building Fund. A series of boxing events were held. Alan Gooley d Jimmy Farr, Leon Condon v Vincent Pollard was a draw, George Saler d Jack Herbert, Ron Roberts d Sid Gooley, Lance Geyer d Alf Robinson.

PHOTO: Pictured are Janette Haren, back, Amanda Loizeau, Taryn Mumford, Megan Beyer, Katina Jonas, Rebecca Rontaunay, Hannah Simms, Ngaire Simms, Bianca Bircham, front, Amy Cooper, Chloe Roros, Tegan Pine, Amy Patterson.