Keeping it cool, service regularly

Service regularly to keep your cool

The Metropolitan Fire Service is warning South Australians to service their air cooling equipment before summer begins to heat up.

MFS community engagement officer Phil Evans warns people with air conditioners, evaporative coolers and fans that they should have them checked and serviced regularly.

"It's important that they are checked for faults, have clean evaporation pads and air filters and are mechanically sound to avoid the potential for a fire to start within your home or business," he said.

"Unfortunately some people miss or ignore the warning signs when an air conditioner or evaporative cooler begins to fail.

"If it's making an unusual noise, keeps shutting itself down or is not operating as it should, that's a sign you should stop using it until it's been serviced by a qualified tradesperson."

To reduce potential fire threats:

  • All electrical cooling equipment should be installed and regularly serviced by a licensed tradesperson according to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Ask the tradesperson to check for faults, remove any build-up of dust or combustible material and ensure the equipment is in good working order.
  • Watch for signs of your portable electrical cooling equipment overheating. Make use of a spare, well maintained fan while allowing portable equipment to cool down.
  • If you have an older air conditioner without a regulating thermostat, consider replacing it with one that has a regulating thermostat.
  • Children must be supervised when using portable cooling equipment that is within their reach.
  • Keep portable electrical cooling equipment away from wet areas to avoid the possibility of electric shock.
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