Solly Cats' hit spree

IMPACT: Cougars' Brooke Waldhuter unleashes her bat against Tigers. She had a couple of outfield catches and three safe hits including a three-bagger. Brooke is praised as a valuable utility player. Photo: Phil Hensel

IMPACT: Cougars' Brooke Waldhuter unleashes her bat against Tigers. She had a couple of outfield catches and three safe hits including a three-bagger. Brooke is praised as a valuable utility player. Photo: Phil Hensel

The junior batter up program is developing in leaps and bounds.

Next week will be the first of the fun days which have been developed to enhance the young players skills.

If your child has been part of the program - make sure you get out there and join in what looks like being an exciting and fun time.

Meanwhile, the bigger players might need to look at their training programs and bring some fun back into their respective games. There were some interesting results over the day which I am sure will have coaches searching for answers


Solly Cats went on a batting spree against Checkmates, recording one of their strongest wins for some time. In their first dig - they amassed an amazing 10 runs. A couple of spectators observing the game stated that Cats were batting well, my observation, in that first innings was that they were batting with a degree of luck. Checkmates just didn't seem to have their field placings right and there were some hits going out to the outfield which were recorded as safe hits which could have been turned into easy outs. Notwithstanding Cats evergreen Mandy Bridley showed some class with 3 safe hits for the day, Sonia Manfield showed some return to form with a couple of safe hits, including a 3 bagger over left field. Checkmates batters struggled to bat Harper Bridley - Rachel Ciampi recording the only safe hit for Checkmates.

Cougars' Brooke Waldhuter is becoming a very valuable utility player, taking the field this week at leftfield. As well as contributing with a couple of outfield catches, Waldhuter also came good with the bat with 3 safe hits, including a 3 bagger. The game against Tigers was very tight for the two innings - Tigers led at the bottom of two innings, then Cougars hit their straps, bringing in 3 then 5 then 3 runs to come out 10 run winners. Anne Russack for Cougars is having a good season with bat and ball, it took the cool heads of Paula Peterson and Jess Finlayson to crack a couple of good outfield hits, but not a lot of depth in the batting for Tigers today.


Checkmates A3 had the double header this Saturday, a challenging task at the best of times, but today they had to face Cougars and Checkmates A2 sides which made the task even more challenging. Their efforts were credible - it was good to see Danielle Wilson back in the side as a pitcher. They also have a gun player in Leonora Neill who, when she comes up to bat, the opposition send way out in the field. O'Neill had a game as catcher in the first game and then shortstop in the second. Given her strong arm she probably excels in the catching position. Cougars Megan Voumard may have been suffering jet lag or wisdom as her path to the bases was via a couple of walks. As a team, Cougars contributed evenly to record a comfortable win.

In Checkmates A3 game against their sister side, the result was a strong win to the seniors. A3's Jasmine Lloyd continues to show that she has the makings of a player who should be in the senior side sooner rather than later. Jessica Haren for Checkmates, home from work duties was the best of the Checkmates A2 batters. It wasn't that the A2's was too strong, the A3's lacked that little bit of finesse in their fielding. Had they registered a couple of easy outs the score line could have been much closer

Cougars' A3 should have been very proud of their efforts against Solly Cats A2. Cougars have the makings of a very good side. Merridy Fetherstonhaugh and Elissa Dix were valuable additions to their line up this week and Rhij Paulaskas continues to impress - it is exciting to see the way she attacks the ball at third. Karen Bowering is a very competitive pitcher and pitches her best when she feels she has a point to prove. Cats are still searching for a pitcher to go the distance and looking for some batting consistency. Hannah Scarman looked comfortable at shortstop, Tayla Scarman batted comfortably to the outfield and Bailey Houghagen provided the excitement for the day with a steal/squeeze play between third home. It was not an intentional play but a misinterpretation of the coaches instructions, but it kept the crowd amused.


Solly Cats had a day they would rather forget, going down in both of their games in the double header. Checkmates were victorious in the first game with Tamzin Short and Meteha DiGeronimo showing some class with the bat. DiGeronimo also played later in the day in the Checkmates A2 side and performed creditably, both with bat and in her position at shortstop. Cats have couple of juniors who have been elevated into the senior side. Alyssa Ganley is a good young player and being trialled at short stop and third base - key positions for a young player.

Jesse Skipworth Taylor who also featured in the senior side pitched strongly for Cougars in Cats second game. The score book recorded 8 K2's for the game - Skipworth Taylor and Natalia Okkes are becoming a very potent pitcher catcher combination. Cougars only registered 2 safe hits for the game, including a big 3 bagger over right field from Cailey Pollard. If they could get batting consistency down the line, they could prove a very formidable opponent for most sides.


Tigers had one win and one loss in their double header this week. The black and golds went down to Cougars in their first game. Cougars would have been pleased to have the Voumard girls back from their exciting holiday. The Skipworth Taylors were good with the bat for Cougars, both Ashtyn and Mary-Kate registering safe hits which is a plus in this grade. It was good to see Angel Griffith back in the batting line up as leadoff batter and registering a safe hit.

Ariel Tee is continuing her fine form with a couple of safe hits and looking very solid behind the catcher's mask. Tee featured in both games for Tigers - showing her versatility as a pitcher in the second game. Tiger honours went to Phoenix Griffiths who had a couple of safe hits against Checkmates. There was a string of safe hitters for Checkmates, but they couldn't get the win.