BHAS Blue triumphs over Port Germein

Once again our Royals didn't get a game. We could field a team this week, but unfortunately Gladstone couldn't, and forfeited. I am wondering whether it would be better to make the Royals triples instead of fours. Something needs to be done so that everyone gets a game.

Boucher Blue played at home against Pt. Germein and won 102 shots to 79 shots. Trevor Gill's rink with Judy Underwood, Harry Ciotucha and Peter Kilgallon won against Ewan Kroschell's rink 27 shots to 19. They won more ends and had many multiple scores. Jeff Arnold with Pat Vella, Steve Clark and Rod Adams won against Trevor Wright's rink 26 shots to 21 shots.

Peter Davies' rink with John Casey, Allan Manfield and Tony Amato lost to Colin Wauchope's rink 22 shots to 26 shots. The game was fairly even, but Pt. Germein had a couple of big end scores which made the difference. Glen Jackson's rink with Wilma Hendry, Darryle Thompson and Doug Randall had a good win against Neville Leue's rink, 27 shots to 13 shots. They played consistently all day.

In O'Shaughnessy our two teams Red and Blue, played against each other. Blue is considered to be the stronger of the two teams, but overall it was a tight tussle with Red being in front for most of the game. However, Blue hit the front when it mattered and won 91 shots to 83. Maxine Northcott's Blue rink with Frank Amato, Marie Williams and Peter Flower won 26 shots to 14 against Roger Becker's Red rink. Roger played with Pat McMahon, Ray Baverstock and Don Bessen. Although this Red rink was successful last week, they were unable to match Maxine's Blue rink this time.

Fred Searle's Blue rink with Brad Hurley, Barry Scarman and Ken Jeffrey won against Di Watson's Red rink 21 shots to 19 shots. Di played with Coral Partridge, Nancy Warne and Rose Hearn. They combined well together and were in front until the 21st end. Then Fred's Blue rink won more of the last few ends and ended up with a two shot win. Virginia Mahoney's Blue rink with Colin Lang, Melinda Pearce and Kerry Rawlins won against June Osborne's Red rink 25 shots to 21 shots. June played with Joylene Todd, Brendon Smith and Ron Gray. June's Red rink was in front for the first half but the Blue team whittled back Red's lead and had a surge in the middle of the game. Although Red fought back, Blue held to win by four shots.

Brian Key's Blue rink lost to Doug Ahola's Red rink 19 shots to 29 shots. Brian played with Jeff Clifford, Gene Todd and Shirley Bennett. In Doug's Red team were Lina Amato, Phil Rohrsheim and Les Dansie. Doug's rink started strongly, but then Brian's Blues came back and it was twelve shots apiece on end 13. Then Doug's Red team had a run of six consecutive end wins, with high multiples. Even though Brian's Blue team won four of the last five ends they could not catch up. Melinda Pearce and Kerry Rawlins with some other helpers, organised cheeseburgers for those who wanted to stay a bit longer. Last week they did steak and onion rolls. Hot food at the end of a long afternoon was much appreciated.