Nosey Parker: From the 1954 archives

1973: Pictured are finalists in the Pirie Blue dart team. See names of people pictured in Nosey, below.
1973: Pictured are finalists in the Pirie Blue dart team. See names of people pictured in Nosey, below.

Clem Bairstow was a champion when he won the state track title by 30 yards. He became the state all-round track cycle champion at the Norwood Arena.

Gloria McVicar won the bathing beauty contest at Solomontown Beach. Runner-up was presented to Coral Johanson. The other entrants in the contest were Annie Roeters, Pearl Smith, Janice Smith, Heather Walker, Rosemary Stigwood, Lorraine Lockett, Maxine Johanson, Marlene Gowan, Gwen Collier, Mary Knott, Norma Ryan, Joyce Phillis, Lorraine Amudsen, Daphne Martin, Yvonne Patek, Joan Matthews.

Port Pirie Cricket Association held a reunion at the Port Football Club. Many of the old timers recalled the days when their were no grass ovals and dust, you could hardly see the ball.

Well-known cricketer Kevin Smith was hit with a cricket ball at Memorial Oval and was taken to hospital.

Andrew Munro, BHAS, won the swim through from F Hackett with M Schebella in third place. G Zevenboom from the Chrysler Club was the fastest.

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM

Nosey Parker ... with Des Parker OAM

'Finest of its type in the state.' A magnificent bar was opened at the BHAS Employees' Club. The bar was officially opened by M.L Baillien, manager of BHAS.

Proprietary Football Club farewelled two of their players. Merv Brooks had taken up a teaching position at the Flinders Naval Depot in Melbourne. He won the 1952 Recorder Medal. Fellow player Ivan Scott transferred to Whyalla. He coached and captained the club to the 1953 premiership.

Lorna Geyer took over 'Monique Salon' from Ted Coligan.

Port Pirie High School's athletics day senior cups were won by Wayne Clifford and Merrill Laube. The junior winners were M Challenger, boys, and P Green, girls.

Port Pirie Country Women's Association had an outstanding membership of 342.

The Caledonian Society held a debutante ball. The debs and partners were: Margaret Harmer - Bill Kenyon, Silvia Maynard - Roy Ramsay, Shirley Messenger - Dennis McEvoy, Elsie Polmear - Bill Jacobs, Thelma Whitehorn - Cyril Brown, Doreen Demarco - Mick Lenartowicz, June Cavenett - Len Thomas, Jennifer Minnis - Don Owen, Marlene Stark - Leon Hutchinson, Roberta Robinson - David Boath, Marie Fraser - Mervyn Cocks.

Important sale of shop properties. 131 Ellen Street - Sharman's Butcher Shop, 129 Ellen Street - S Cantlon Bookmaker, 127 Ellen Street - V Fawcett Billiard Room, 125 Ellen Street - Dellow & Co, A.H.L Goode, K.N Innes, Kingdom Hall.

Balalika Cafe on Main Road opened. This cafe was located next to Lords Dry Cleaners.

Proprietary Football Club held the annual general meeting in their new clubrooms on Memorial Oval.

Australian Broadcasting Commission opened a regional studio in Port Pirie called 5CK.

The 'Varieties of 1954' were produced by Tom Madigan. Some of the cast were: John Pelzer, Norma Ryan, Bob Fenton, Marjorie Fenton, Harold Jackson, Stan Woolman, Thelma Whitehorn, Trevor Schultz, John Higgs, Bob Arnold, Alan Kent, Shirley Messenger, Anne Roeters, Coral Johanson, Daphne Martin, Roger Martin, Felicia House, Joy Howard, Marie Francis, Verdun Springbett, Alf Trennery, Gail Madigan, Gay Thornton, Beverly Stark, Peter Raccinati and John Kalua.

A photo finish tower was opened at Phoenix Park Raceway.

Redex trial drivers passed through Pirie. 139 were officially checked in at Port Pirie Motorcycle clubrooms. It was the end of the second leg of the 9000-mile route.


Pictured were the Pirie Blue dart team finalists Connie Irving, back, left, Eileen Clark, Doris Neylon, Raelene Noble, front, left, Maree Catchford, Aileen Bain and Sylvia Matthews.