Young girl voices her sentiments about shark mural: 'I would feed them'

A new mural featuring "sharks" at Mid North Education Centre has captured the imagination of one of the students.

"I would give them fish," said Ginneile Cowin.

She watched as the mural - also displaying native animals - was unveiled at the school for students with special needs.

The artwork shows groups of red-coloured sharks, yellow-and-black echidnas, colourful kangaroos, blue-and-pink koalas, brown-and-yellow dingoes and blue emus.

The wooden cut-out figures were provided by the special options class at John Pirie Secondary School and mounted on a fence in the playground.

As student James Hargans lined up for a photograph with the emus his attention was momentarily diverted by a spider crawling on the fence, but he soon recovered his composure to smile for the camera.

Ginneile also spoke on the public address system to the students, teachers and parents gathered for the opening of the mural.

"Thanks for designing the animals... they look beautiful," she said.

She said the "emus" were her favourites.

Student Allan Lothian said the animal artwork was "nice" and James Hargans said, "thank you".

The crowd applauded each mural as it was unveiled beneath blue tarpaulin.

John Pirie art teacher Jon Fairburn said his school had been approached by the centre's principal, Jayne Mainprize-Potter, about creating some artwork.

"The figures are simplistic, but you know what they are," he said.

"The students looked on the internet for the shapes."

"They sanded the wood and applied five coats of primer paint.

"Considering it ended up with three students doing the work from the original five, they did a tremendous job.

"They really worked hard on it. You don't understand how much work has gone into it."

Principal Mrs Mainprize-Potter said the whole project had cost only about $300.

"We asked John Pirie whether they could do something about our boring fence," she said.

"Our students voted on which 'animals' they wanted and John Pirie set about making them.

"They funded the paint and we funded the wood.

"It has been a good collaboration."