Meeting God is open to everyone

School holidays - how do you like them? Perhaps you look forward to doing things with your children uninterrupted by timetables; perhaps you are juggling work and OSHC and dropping children to Mum; perhaps you are finding your favourite supermarket just too crowded with children; and perhaps you hardly notice.

Our extended family got together to go back to our home country and celebrate the lives of our Mum and Dad. It was very special, mildly chaotic, very hot and a huge blessing.

What a joy to thank God for all the good things we experienced because of them, especially that "they taught us about God" and loved Jesus, us and our neighbours unreservedly.

If they were here now, they would be asking you to come "back to church". They were old fashioned in that way.

Such a phrase, "back to church" implies once going to church. Very few people go to church anymore; it's seen as outdated, irrelevant and full of hypocrites.

And yet, research shows us that one in five people would accept an invitation to church if they were asked. So be encouraged: someone might ask you this week.

Christian communities in Port Pirie are cooperating to invite their friends and neighbours to come to worship with them on Sunday 20th. Look out for our banners and invite cards for "Back to Church" - someone is sure to give you an invite - and if you don't, just turn up anyway.

There is a list of churches and times of worship in this paper.

And, we are getting together on Sunday night, October 20, to worship God as one at 5pm at the New Life Church on Three Chain Road. All are welcome.

You see, meeting God is open to anyone and God is anywhere. You don't have to go to a church building to meet with God.

Just start talking; God is always listening.

But if you would like to meet with others who know Jesus, we'd love to see you. With God's blessing, Mary Lewis