Nosey Parker: From the 1941 archives

1966: Taking the opportunity to relax in the sun on the Solomontown Beach wall were Rosslyn Funke and Elizabeth, Julie and Alison Turner.

1966: Taking the opportunity to relax in the sun on the Solomontown Beach wall were Rosslyn Funke and Elizabeth, Julie and Alison Turner.

A photo was sent to The Recorder office of 23 Port Pirie men on overseas service. They were A.R Mallyon, W O'Neil, J.W Masters, H.L Madigan, R.J Stephens, M.J Dowling, J.P Lauritsen, W.R Champion, F.A McBride, J.L Collins, E.M Armour, J.V Conlin, C.H Coffey, W.H Oxford, J Trevdic, C Young, C.R Hocking, C.E Rontaunay, S.W McClory, H Parry, T.E Fitzgerald, R Donaldson, G.A Mummery.

A new postmistress at the Solomontown Post Office, Miss Gladys Harvey, took over from Mr F.R Perry. Miss Harvey had been at the Pirie West Post Office for the last 17 years.

Saint Mark's new primary school in Gertrude Street was open by the Most Reverend M Bedvich, Archbishop of Adelaide

Ted Coligan opened an updated men's hairdressing shop in the Royal Exchange Hotel building

The town was flooded when the River Broughton overflowed and the town was swamped with water

New football under 16 Association was formed. The captains and vice captains were: Proprietary - B Wiskar and J Reeves, Port - C Thompson and L Corrie, Solomontown - J Smith and M Thornton.

The Den Social club was formed. This did wonderful things for the town during World War II putting on many fundraising shows for the town's charities.

18 bookmakers were at the Port Pirie spring race meeting.

Port Football Club won its first game.

A munition annex was built at the smelters. It would have the work force of 250.

Max Dowling became the first soldier from Port Pirie to be killed in World War II. Dowling Street in Risdon Park is named after him.

A teachers hostel that could house 36 women teachers opened on The Terrace.

The last race meeting was held at the Port Pirie racecourse on Warnerrtown Road opposite the Savoy soccer ground.

The housing trust built new homes in Veal and Jellicoe Streets.

The buildings on Weeroona Island Resort were offered for sale by public tender by the town council. A Mr. W Jackson paid 350 pounds for the camp and land on a walk-in walkout basis.

Pirie's greatest procession in the history of the town was held when 7000 attended a queen competition and raised 10,000 pounds. It was for babies. There was a record 61 entries.

The winner was Wanda Byrnes, the daughter of Mr and Mrs J.T Byrnes.

The Port Pirie Amateur Quest drew 36 entries. The prize winners were: Seven years and under - Gordon Rose, Anne Hyde, Brian Mulligan; eight to 11 years - Joyce Widger, Bernard Leahy; 12 to 16 years - Betty Scott, Colin Fisher. The others who were in the quest were Nancy Pasche, Max Hyde, Betty Geilich, Brian Dungey, Ivan Anderson, Dora Magookin, Kevin Williams, Allan Messenger, Graham Bowering, Jean Mooney, Kevin Pratt, Rhonda Bowley, Norma Patrick, Leo Groome, Betty Afford, Petty Egan, Trevor Bernhardt, Bill Jorgensen, Trixie Vase, Edna Russell, Leigh Couzner, Fayrell Cox, Gloria Evans, Fiona Memen, Michael O'Sullivan, Iris Searle, Alva Oke, Brian Schwartz, Bert Wiskar, Mary Walters.

The Thumbs Up Hut (the parish hall) in Florence Street was opened by the Mayor Mr W.H Threadgold.