R2D2s claim premiership

Season 2019 finished on a high note at the John Pirie Secondary School gymnasium last Wednesday night when the Yodas and R2D2s played off to determine once and for all just who the best team is in Port Pirie badminton.

The Yodas had earned 18 match points throughout the season, followed by the R2D2s with 14 points while the Jedis were sitting on eight points.

Paradoxically the Yodas gained 5171 actual points, the R2D2s 5548 and the Jedis had the most with 5830.

It is the matches however that the teams must win to lead the competition.

Both sides were hoping that the first game played for the night would be an indication of a closely contested battle.

Gary and Michael of the Yodas played Paul and Cameron.

Gary and Michael won the first easily 21:14 but then Paul and Cameron countered with an identical score of 21:14.

It was not until Meng of the Yodas played off against his arch nemesis Bryll that any movement was indicated on the scoreboard.

Bryll gained the upper hand from the outset.

Meng managed to claw back some valuable points after the change of ends on eight, but as we know; once you lag behind in singles, every point is crucial and it is very difficult to redeem the situation.

Bryll won this line up 15:8.

Martina featured strongly in the streak that followed which saw the Yodas ahead by eight after round two.

She and Ruth ran roughshod over Destiny and Moore, who were finding it difficult to get some rhythm going.

The Yodas scored a perfect 42 to the R2D2s 32.

Martina continued on her winning way when she paired up with Michael Cruz.

Destiny and Cameron fared a little better than their team mates but this too was a YODA walkover. 42:37.

When Bryll and Moore fronted Meng and Ruth they grabbed a perfect score of 42 allowing the Yodas just 29 points to add to their bottom line.

The R2D2s grabbed the lead from here on in, asserting their dominance in this, the final showdown of the season.

Paul and Destiny put paid to the dream run that Martina had been enjoying earlier on in the match.

She and Gary found themselves well and truly up against the R2D2s pair who could see the light at the end of the tunnel, victory was only a few points away.

The R2D2s left the court with a 10 point advantage to add to their already ascendant situation.

In the first game, when Cameron and Moore played off against Michael and Ruth, both ends gave as good as they got.

Cameron and Moore won 21:20.

Something went horribly awry for the Yodas pair at the other end of the court.

They went to water, conceding the second game by a hefty 16 points.

This was the crucial stage of the games when the R2D2s won the Grand Final.

The Yodas needed to keep the score-line of the R2D2s below 420 to draw.

The R2D2S had exceeded this score before the change of ends.

Gary and Meng had the best of intentions when they took on Paul and Bryll for their very last bout of season 2019.

While the Yodas pair had already conceded defeat they were not going down without making a good show of it.

They won the first 21 - the R2D2s having relaxed a little, knowing that they 'had it in the bag'.

The R2D2S then proceeded to dish out a 21:13 drubbing for good measure after all.

Martina Potts was the recipient of the 'most improved player' medal for season 2019.

R2D2S GRAND FINAL WINNERS 545 defeated minor premiers YODAS 387

Social badminton recommenced on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at the John Pirie Secondary School gymnasium at 7.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to come along.