Cricket action is here

Cricket returns this weekend with two extra sides being added to the competition.

Port Germein are entering an A grade as well as a B grade side this year. Solomontown-North, after some heavy recruiting, will again have a B grade side.

A Grade

Solomontown-North v Wandearah

Last year's grand finalists meet in the first match at the new turf pitch at Pirie West.

The Cats made a great start to last season and will hope to do so again this season.

The key players this year for the Cats will be Ben Brown, Oliver Cosmai, Scott McIntyre, Adam Johnson and new recruit Westley Wyatt.

The Rams are an ageing side that will need some juniors bloodied if they are to continue to be around the mark.

Matt Thornton, Andrew Congdon, Todd Baker, Jack Dickeson and Stevie Athanasos will be the players to watch for the Rams.

This should be a very good match between to evenly matched sides. The Cats to make a winning start.

South Port v Proprietary

The Pirates and Panthers meet at Port Oval on Saturday afternoon. Fraser Wyatt has joined the Pirates and bolsters their batting and bowling stocks.

Flynn Bullen, Jake Walsh, Mitch Alchin, Rob Anderson and Shazhad David will be the main players for South Port this season.

The Panthers have taken a couple of hits with the Wyatt brothers leaving to join other clubs.

Reece Fowler, Tate Bradley, Tyler Thorpe and Randall Wyatt will carry most of the load during the season.

This should be a very good match with the Panthers to win but not by much.

B Grade

South Port v Proprietary

The Panthers had a great year in the B Grade last season making the grand final while South Port had a another disappointing year.

Cory Stephenson leads from the front for the Panthers while Rohan Benson and Craig Massner are the keys for the Pirates. The Panthers to win.

Solomontown-North v Wandearah

The Cats will be looking for a win in their return to B Grade cricket.

There have been a number of clearances and registrations for the Cats in the past couple of weeks and they should put together a strong side.

The Rams maybe down on numbers for the first couple of weeks due to players out in the A grade. The Cats to win.

Warnertown v Risdon

The Womabts and Tigers meet at Complex 1 on Saturday morning. Dylan Brooks will again lead the Wombats and be the key with the bat and ball.

Mitch Young has left Props to play for the Tigers and will be a good bat in the B grade. I think the Tigers will get up in a close one.