Hockey honours awarded

Port Pirie and Districts Hockey Association held its annual presentation night on Saturday night.

One-hundred-and-forty guests attended the Memorial Oval Function Centre to see awards presented for junior and senior divisions across the men's and women's competitions.

Awards were given for highest goal scorer, best-and-fairest and runner-up best-and-fairest in each grade. The highlight of the night is always the Division 1 awards and the announcement of the Team of the Year.

The Men's best-and-fairest Award was won by Dylan Adams from Panthers with the runner-up award going to Dom Keain from the St Andrews.

The highest goal scorer was Lee Kirchner from Panthers with 26 goals. This was the fifth year in a row for Lee winning the award.

The women's awards were dominated by Risdon with Sean Blieschke winning the Division 1 best-and-fairest and Jess Marwick winning the runner-up award. Demi Freer from St Andrews won the highest goal scorer with 14 goals.

A special video presentation was shown to mark 20 years of turf hockey in Port Pirie.

Life member Michael Armour travelled from Mount Gambier to attend the function and was given the opportunity to say a few words as he was the driving force behind the development of the facility at the St Mark's College Benedict Campus.

In 1999 the city of Port Pirie celebrated the construction of the regional hockey centre. At that time the sport of hockey was growing strongly but was ready for change.

As a result, the association had many players that had the potential to play state or even Australian hockey and the association had many players that needed the opportunity to develop their skills further beyond that of grass hockey.

Michael Armour was the captain of an outstanding steering committee.

This was a committee of playing members that shared the vision to build a sports park suitable for themselves and their team mates as well as for the future players of the sport.

Through the drive of the steering committee, along with the support of the clubs, the association was able to build the foundation for what the association has today.

In comparison to many other regional hockey centres in South Australia, Port Pirie is up there with the best regional facilities.

The vision of the association back in 1999 has come to fruition with many players going on to represent South Australia in both junior and senior ranks as well a talented few lucky enough to represent Australia.

The strength of the partnership between the Port Pirie and District Hockey Association and St Mark's College continues to grow as the Association plans for the next 20 years with improvements to the current facilities both in terms of playing and spectating.

Other winners

Div 2 Men: Best-and-fairest: Alex Brock and Andrew Guy. Runner-up: Ben Burgess. Leading goal scorer: Andy Fuchs

Div 2 Women: Best-and-fairest: Melissa Lane. Runner-up: Annette Lane. Leading goal scorer: Alana Freer

Div 3 Men: Best-and-fairest: Taran Bignell. Runner-up: Aaron Olsen. Leading goal scorer: Mick Waters

Div 3 Women: Best-and-fairest: Amanda Nuttall. Runner-up: Brianna Demarco. Leading goal scorer: Tiahn Wendes

Div 4 Men: Best-and-fairest: Simon Fuchs and Marty Pepe. Runner-up: Mick Waters. Leading goal scorer: Mikk Northcott

Div 1 Women Team of the Year: Kylan Reddaway, Jess Marwick, Alana Zubrinich, Jordan Ganley, Kath Johnson, Talia Phillips, Edyn Manfield, Elyce Malycha, Sean Blieschke, Darcy Blieschke, Danica Manfield, Elke Holze, Demi Freer, Ilona Flockhart, Alice Jackson, Mikala Colyer

Div 1 Men Team of the Year: Adam Jackson, Harry Dando, Deon Smith, Matt Mummery, Dylan Adams, Lee Kirchner, Mitchell Buchanan, Dominic Keain, Cavan Smith, Kane Daws, Austyn Waters, Matt Lowe, Mitchell Young, Blake Stringer, Corey Monaghan, Matt Howe

Under 14 Girls: Most improved Alana Greatorex. Highest goal scorer Sophie Tattoli (33 goals). Runner-up best-and-fairest Brianna Demarco. Best-and-fairest Sophie Tattoli

Under 14 Boys: Most improved Dylan Beveridge. Highest goal scorer Darcy Gulin (15 goals). Runner-up best-and-fairest Darcy Gulin. Best-and-fairest Julius Hanlon

Under 18 Girls: Sportsmanship award Elyce Malycha. Highest goal scorer Grace Tattoli (18 goals). Runner-up best-and-fairest Jordan Ganley. Best-and-fairest Edyn Manfield and Grace Tattoli

Under 18 Boys: Sportsmanship award Jay Norton. Highest goal scorer Deon Smith (12 goals). Runner-up best-and-fairest Ethan Northcott. Best-and-fairest Adam Jackson.

Under 14 Girls Most Improved Nominees: Arquene Westdorp, Ebony Lethbridge, Heidi Kay-Bulloch, Alanah Greatorex

Under 14 Boys Most Improved Nominees: Jonas Blight, Dylan Beveridge, Mitchell Court, Connor Smith, Eli Tucker

Under 18 Girls Sportsmanship Award Nominees: Laura Watt, Montana Coe, Alana Zubrinich, Elyce Malycha, Emily Smart

Under 18 Boys Sportsmanship Award Nominees: Jay Norton, Archer Besson, Thomas Lymburn

Under 18 Team of the Year: Division 1 Women - Grace Tattoli, Hannah Marwick, Alana Zubrinich, Jordan Ganley, Piper George, Katelyn Guy, Edyn Manfield, Elyce Malycha, Montana Coe, Lillian Keain, Emily Smart, Lana Kay-Bulloch, Quinn Lane, Hannah Longmire, Teneal Malycha, (Goalie) Mikala Colyer. Division 1 Men - Adam Jackson, Ethan Northcott, Deon Smith, Jay Norton, Noah Waters, Deakin McLaughlin, Hamish Barr, Colby George, Tyler Wauchope, Joshua Demarco, Brayden Farrugia, Andrew Guy, Sam Burgess, Charlie Webb, Thomas Lymburn, (Goalie) Jack Steff