R2D2s prove too strong for Yodas team

At the commencement of round 19 of the competition the Yodas were all set to reassert the dominant position they have held all season. The R2D2s came to the competition feeling quietly confident, having put the Jedis back in their place the previous week.

It was not at all evident until well into the match which team would dictate the state of play. After the first round the R2D2s were only a point in front. They followed on in the second with a six point lead. The Yodas bounced back in the third to narrow the gap to 3 points.

This toing and froing continued until the fourth round when the R2D2s put the pedal to the metal, scoring perfectly in all doubles in the fourth round. The gap widened to a massive 27 points.

The Yodas never regained their composure even though Michael Cruz of the Yodas asserted himself with a 9 point victory in his singles.

Michael featured again in a valiant attempt at a fight back for the Yodas when he and Ruth paired up to take on Fong and Moore of the R2D2s.

While this should have been a more even handed affair, taking into account past encounters between this foursome; it did not pan out that way. The Yodas regained some of their Mojo momentarily with a resounding 18 point win over their doubles opponents.

It is always a tightly contested affair when Ruth Jacka of the Yodas and Kusuma Moore of the R2D2s find themselves at opposite ends of the court. Both of these players always play with grit and determination and Wednesday night was no exception. It was Moore who had the upper hand in their singles contest this week but on another occasion it might be Ruth.

To prove this point we find that even though Moore was on the winning side more often in this match she gained a total of 163 points and Ruth gained 161.

Cameron Williams was well and truly on top of his game on Wednesday night, blasting his way through the evening. He managed to score perfectly for the whole night without conceding a point. This contributed in no small way to the overall winning position that the R2D2s found themselves in by the close of play.

Heading into the fifth and final round of the match, the Yodas were still in with a chance but really needed to 'lift their game' and dig deep. After Michael and Ruth scored perfectly in the first doubles the margin had shrunk to 9 points.

The Yodas had to prevent the R2D2S from gaining any more than 417 points to break even at the very least. After the R2D2s duo Paul and Cameron won their first doubles game 21:8 they needed just 17 more points to win. When they won the second 21:13 and Eunice grabbed 13 out of a possible 15 it was all 'All over Red Rover' for the Yodas.

Now that the end of the season is on the horizon, it is very probable that the R2D2s could topple the Yodas off their perch even though they have been expecting to win the grand final without too much bother at all.

R2D2s 435 defeated YODAS 407