R2D2s survive do-or-die clash with Jedis

It was make or break time for the Jedis and R2D2s in round 18 of the competition. Both teams were sitting on 8 match points and keen to be the team to have the opportunity to front up against the Yodas in the grand final in 4 weeks.

After the first round of doubles the R2D2's were leading by a point. Bryll Baeleen and Santhosh then took to the court for their singles encounter.

Bryll had the advantage on this occasion just pipping Santhosh at the post 15:13 thus granting the R2D2s an additional 3 points to head into the second round with.

Eunice and Cameron had it all their own way when they showed Martina and Nathan just how well balanced a mixed doubles pair can be.

Eunice took care of the net while Cameron took every opportunity to plant any high flying shuttles to the floor. Meanwhile on the other court Santhosh and Fong went about the business of running roughshod over Bryll and Moore.

Bryll and Moore were quite taken aback considering that they had both been playing quite competitively up until then.

By the time the Captain of the R2D2s; Paul Berry and Greg Fidge, Captain of the Jedis, fronted each other, the R2D2s were only just in front by 5 points. Greg Fidge fought the good fight winning this bout by a healthy 5 points.

The Jedis kept in touch with the R2D2s right up to the fourth round. Up until this stage of the games the outcome of the match was not predictable.

The R2D2S then jagged a perfect round widening the gap to 29 points which then gave the Jedis something to chase.

Moore of the R2D2s and Fong of the Jedis played the tightest singles of the night. They played point for point from start to finish and it just happened to be that Fong was lucky enough to be the player that reached the finish line on 15 before Moore could catch him.

If the game had continued on it is more than likely that she would have equalised on 15 also. Fong won 15:14.

While the R2D2s led the points scoring for the whole night it was in fact the Jedis who won the final round. Nathan and Fong scored perfectly up against Cameron and Moore who had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Their team only needed another 70 points in the final round to win the match. Nathan and Fong gave it their best shot outscoring the Jedis pair by 14 points.

Greg and Santhosh of the Jedis went out all guns blazing in their last hurrah of the night and were triumphant in the first game winning 21:19 against Paul and Bryll.

They changed ends ever hopeful of a tight finish. Things turned to custard at the Western end though, the R2D2s turned the tables on them with a 21:10 victory.

At this juncture there was still one more singles to play which was in fact won 15:14 by Martina, playing for the Jedis.

Unfortunately, the R2D2s already had the 9 additional points that they needed to win the match.

R2D2s 444 defeated the JEDIS 420