Stop should stay where it is

In regards to the traders wanting the bus stop removed from its present position in Ellen Street.

I would like to remind the traders that the bus stop has been on that corner site in Ellen Street, and or Alexander Street, for 60 to 70 years.

It was trialled outside the town hall for while but proved unpopular so it was returned to its present site.

In my opinion, it should stay where it is and let the cars park opposite, in front of the council.

I agree with Jared Kent, why treat bus passengers as second class customers.

Perhaps some of the shopkeepers should lift their game with good service instead of blaming the bus stop.

In regards to empty shops, there are plenty of empty shops around the town that has nothing to do with bus stops.

Also, a lot of shop owners and employees should park away from their premises and that includes the car park at the rear of Flinders Arcade.

K.V Casey, Port Pirie

Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill

I find it quite bizarre that in this State there are those who stridently oppose the live sheep and cattle export trade but in the same breath are equally passionate about legalising the open trade of our girls and women through prostitution legislation currently before the House.

Our societal aims must be aspirational, seeking the greater good of all mankind and the ennobling of the human experience.

Such proposed legislation is contrary and erosive of these higher ideals.

Prostitution isn't the oldest profession, it is the oldest and vilest form of female subjugation and our aim should be the elimination, not the promulgation of this trade.

There are societal and legislative moves towards zero waste, zero emissions and a zero road toll.

If we have such goals in these areas then surely we can apply a similar objective when it comes to the humiliating and degrading traffic of women.

If this legislation passes, then a girl grows up with an increased vulnerability and a chilling knowledge that technically and legally, she is for sale.

I urge all politicians to vote for a bill that provides greater protection for the women of South Australia but increases the vulnerability of the men who seek their sexual services.

The silent majority are watching and waiting to see what wisdom prevails amongst those whom we have elected to lead.

Brenton Vanstone, Port Pirie

Windfarm guidelines

The SA EPA have extended their community consultation on the 2019 Draft Wind Farm Environmental Noise Guidelines until September 30.

It is interesting to note that whilst the SA EPA states that their guidelines are "amongst the most stringent in the world", the SA guidelines in reality provide the least restrictive wind farm noise controls of all Australian states with a 40 dB(A) limit for quiet farming areas, no specific LFN assessment and no penalty for Amplitude Modulation. SA noise compliance testing results are not made public or subject to an auditing process.

By comparison: NSW and QLD both stipulate 35 dB(A) at night; QLD's daytime limit is 37 dB(A); NSW imposes 35 dB(A) in the daytime and a Low Frequency noise limit; QLD's daytime limit is 37 dB(A); Victoria's limit is 40 dB(A) but imposes penalties for Amplitude Modulation and auditing of all pre and post construction noise reports. Noise reports for wind farms in the Eastern states are publicly available on line.

Mary Morris, Hampden