Who has ever been lost?

In life...you sometimes can't find which way to go, without finding where you really are, and sometimes that can challenge your ability to be honest, in what we have become, and maybe, where we are at in life. Recently my wife and I and some friends were in Norway and we travelled by boat and ferry and car and train and bus all over the place. Now even though we were in a strange place it was so comforting knowing there was somewhere to call home.

Whether it was a cabin or a motel or a bed and breakfast. All we had to do was keep heading in the right direction. And the challenge was to not rely on our own opinions but knowing that someone had actually put it down on a map. How many of us get lost in life because of our own opinions, or the opinions of others have become trusted sources, especially when the right way didn't appeal to us at the time.

A ship's captain, inspecting his company, came to an Irishman who evidently had not shaved for several days. "Seaman Doyle," he asked, "how is it that you haven't shaved this morning?" "But", said Doyle, 'I did, sir, honest to Betsy I did". The captain said Mr Doyle "How dare you tell me that... with the beard you have on your face?" Thinking quick Doyle replied "Well, ye see, sir," stammered Doyle, "it was like this, there wus nine of us to one small bit uv a lookin'-glass, an' it must have been in that general confusion, you see sir, that I must have shaved some other man's face."

You can be seeing yourself right now with all the good intention you like, but if it's not God's intention your living for and in, then all you can see, is what life tells you to expect. If you look at a sundial on a cloudy day, the pointer doesn't leave a shadow to indicate the time, it's ineffective. Without the "God factor in our life" we're like that sundial, there's no expectation of determining where we are at in life, and an understanding of what is the right direction. The challenge to life is to stop often, and ask ourselves are we heading in the right direction, and is that just our own opinion or does God's map of life say so.

Pastor Mark Broadbridge, New Life Christian Community Centre