Nosey Parker: From the 1952 archives

A bus service was fun for the midnight picture patrols and will wait for the pictures to finish to take patrons home.

A record crowd of 3,000 sees John Rowe B.H.A.S win the swim-thru from Wendy Wunke B.H.A.S. 103 started, 32 failed to finish.

The first helicopter arrived at the Pirie airport, it came from Woomera.

Technical School successes, the top students of the state were W.V Raggatt (heat engines), G.R Rohrsheim (hydraulics), M.Owens (mechanical design), R.G Lloyd (pure mathematics), E.W Rowe (mechanics and heat), M.J Huddy (welding), D.A Wade (top boilermaking).

A record 299 partnership in the B grade cricket grand final when Allan Gooley made 208 with Len Hayball who went on to make 117, after Gooley was dismissed.

Growers distributors on the Main Road opens a fruit and vegetables outlet.

Pirie school children take 122 gallons of milk daily when free milk was delivered daily to all primary schools.

The first wedding solemised in St Mark's Cathedral since the Church was raised to Cathedral status was Carmel McBride and Les Manuel.

Varieties of 1952 produced by Tom Madigan. The cast headed by Shirley Patrick, Norma Ryan, Bob Fenton, Les Willson, Harry Madigan, Gloria Connelly, Harry Munn, Lorna Grimm, George Bray, Harold Jackson, Rhonda Bowley, Stan Woolman, Vic Hannah, Pat Congee, Geraldine Wauchope, Pat Madigan. The dancers were Joyce Lowrey, Denise Bonner, Wendy Heidrich, Mary Waters, Coral Johanson, Margaret Jeffries, Nancy Hodge, Joy Howard, Connie Dite and Fay Perryman.

The Port Pirie Football League training squad for the Northern Football Carnival was W.Cochrane (captain), W.Schapel (vice captain), M.Baker, J.Condon, I.Davidson, R.Finn, M.Brooks, D.Cunningham, S.Kotaras, J.Lemm, N.Musgrove, G.Martin, K.Norton, K.Reinke, W.Saler, K.Hunt, K.Harris, L.Veal, B.Veitch, J.Walker, J.Connelly.

Three members of the Catholic hierarchy will attend ceremonies in connection with the enthronement of Bishop Bryan Gallagher as Bishop of Pirie Catholic Diocese.

800 see debutantes presented at St Paul's annual ball. The debs and partners were: Betty Clinton and Tom Clinton, Dawn Warman and Tom Maxwell, Margaret Marsh and Garth Polkinghorne, Barbara Green and Robert Arnold, Lorraine Lockett and Bob Mathews, Elaine Oates and Roger Martin, Barbara Holze and Bob Norris, Pat Nolan and Sid Dixon, Coralie Fletcher and Barry Thompson, Nancy Davis and Geoff Wornall, Phyllis Rich and Reg Walton, Barbara Challinger and Les Colman, Kay Sellar and Jim Grieve, Judith Minnis and Vaughn Taylor, Denise Bonner and Bob Ellis, Pam Ellery and David Warner, Norma Allison and Bill Buchanan, Anne Hyde and Max Hyde, Dawn Grenfell and Dan O'Connor, Daphne Munn and Henry Munn, Pat Hisgrove and Noel Zubrinich, Margaret Thompson and Ron Hogan. Miss Margaret McDonald was awarded Belle of the ball.

School shield won by Wandearah East at the annual Broughton Plains School Association held at Wandearah. The cup winners were senior boys Brian Hayes, girls Kay Elington. Junior cup winner boy was Ian Norton and the girl was Margaret Meaney.

The South Australian Housing Trust built eight timber framed houses in Meadow Crescent.

Port Pirie girl in the 1952 Miss S.A Quest was 18-year-old Barbara Joan McKinnon was sponsored by the R.S.L Port Pirie Branch.

Photo caption: The 1982 B grade champions of daytime volleyball were the Pathers, Rosaleen Caputo, Elizabeth Monoghan, Marilyn Spence, Rose Rafanelli, Cheryl Crocker and Gwenda Stracke.

Nosey Parker... with Des Parker OAM.

Nosey Parker... with Des Parker OAM.