College aims to build passion for science

National Science Week has shown students across Port Pirie the fun that is behind the stereotyped difficult and boring subject of science.

Mid North Christian College have had students from reception through to Year 12 involved with the variety of activities that were put on each day for the special week

On Monday students experienced the super sweet science stuff conducted by Mr Springham, Tuesday saw a science lab turned into the circulatory system that involved Year 11 students taking other students through .

On Wednesday, students could watch science movies at lunch and on Thursday, the school hosted a family science night where they were challenged to build and race a rubber band powered car.

The science and maths coordinator at the college, Alana Freer says they are trying to promote science throughout all parts of the school and this week is a great opportunity to highlight the fun that can be had.

"We believe the younger they build a passion for it, the better chance there is for that. It is a lot of fun, there are a lot of ways to engage with it, I am passionate about it myself," she said.

The highlight of the week for many was the family science night, a night where the school aim to target students and parents to not only share in science, but to also share in community.

"The kids love it and the parents enjoyed the family night even more. Some of them prepare a lot for it which is what we are after and they get to spend some time together.

"The idea is that the older ones get to participate but also to give back, like the Year 11 bio class spent the entire day taking the younger ones around. It gets them excited about it. Getting the families involved is a big deal for us. We can build community and get them to spend some special family time together in science," she said.

Two Year 2 students who greatly enjoyed the fun of the week were Talitha Crosby and Achilles Kraus, who both agreed that science is fun.

Talitha enjoyed the science experiments that were done by Mr Springham and says everyone should learn about science because it is fun.

"My favourite thing was Mr 'Springham's super sweet science stuff. He made funny experiments and also made a mummy death worm. He also made brown and blue colour changing water," she said.

Achilles enjoyed the family science night and managed to place fourth in the large competition.

"My favourite thing for science week was science night because it was fun. I liked building the cars and I liked when I came fourth. My car had a smiley face and looked like an olden day car. I find science fun because cool stuff happens," he said.