Science week 'takes off' at Risdon Park

Science week has reached new limits at Risdon Park Primary School with their Year 6 and 7 students bringing a Rube Goldberg machine to life to launch a rocket into the air.

Over eight hours, many lessons and several failed attempts the students created the multi-step machine, which successfully launched the rocket twice into the air, in front of the school's junior and upper primary students.

Science and STEM mentor teacher at the school, Karina Darling says that the machine, which came from Rube Goldberg's cartoonist inspiration was created to 'make fun of humans' for tasks which could be completed simply.

"He drew cartoons of these really complicated machines that perform really simple tasks, as a way to make fun of humans because he believed that where humans could do something the hardest way possible, they would do it the hardest way possible," she said.

Each of the steps involved in the machine, described as 'ridiculous' by Karina, all added up to the rocket, which successfully shot into the air. She says lots of hard work went into it creating the machine.

"The Year 6/7 classes have a two hour lesson once a week, so we have three of those and they have worked in them from start to finish. My STEM ambassadors Kaidyn Goodridge and Keith Mogwera have put extra time in at recess and lunch and also in an extra lesson with me to make sure it works," she said.

The machine was not the only science activity that the school held across the national week and other activities dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing included building paper strip rockets, making galaxy inspired lava lamps and a walking water experiment.

For more information on National Science Week or to learn how to get involved with the annual celebration of science and technologies which ran from August 10 until 18, visit the website: