Jail sentence for sex offender

A Port Pirie man charged with 14 sexual offences will spend the next 21 years behind bars after his sentence was handed down in the District Court in Adelaide.

The man, whose identity cannot be revealed, was convicted of persistent sexual exploitation of a child, indecent assault, gross indecency, possession of child exploitation material, unlawful sexual intercourse with a person under 12 years of age and maintaining an unlawful sexual relationship with a child.

Judge Paul Slattery described the offending as 'extremely serious' and said the man had offended over a period of some 20 years on five boys because of the particular circumstances that he was in.

"You held a position of power over them and you have abused that position by committing these offences to which you have pleaded guilty, and as well as the offences for which you have been found guilty," Judge Slattery said.

"Your victims were vulnerable, young, impressionable children. Your abhorrent offending upon them has had a profound effect on their lives. This was apparent from the victim impact statements read to the court. You have maintained your innocence on the trial counts and have shown no contrition or remorse for the offences in respect of the trial counts."

The court heard that the man's Port Pirie home was searched by police in 2016 with 500 videotapes depicting identified and unidentified children engaging in sexually explicit acts and poses.

"A great number of these were recordings of legitimate TV shows that had been inter-spliced with pornographic films that had been made by you," Judge Slattery said.

Details were also revealed about the persistent sexual exploitation of a child. With one child, the man masturbated in his presence, touched his penis, performed fellatio and filmed their sexual activity. The court also heard explicit details about the man's other offending.

With another boy, the man exposed himself through a dressing-gown and made the boy fellate his penis.

In delivering his judgement, Judge Slattery reduced the sentence to 27 years with a non-parole period of 21 years.