BHAS competition starts

On Sunday, August 4, BHAS Bowling Club hosted the first of a series of triples tournaments open to all bowlers.

The rules were adapted with variations from a new scoring system recently televised in an exciting different format.

The new scoring system involves the chance to dramatically record big scores from a single end.

It means that bowlers must play even more consistently than usual, as one poor end can mean "game over"!

Every "toucher" scores three points.

After the leads have played, the closest lead bowler scores three shots.

At the completion of the end the closest bowl scores three shots, the second closest scores two shots and the third bowl scores one shot.

To make things even more unpredictable, teams are allowed to nominate one power play per game.

The skipper nominates which end will be their power play, just before the jack is rolled.

All scores on that end will be doubled.

This is a chance to score really high scores (or not!).

The first game was slowed up by the scorers double checking with each other and sorting out any discrepancies.

The trick is to record everything immediately.

However, the scoring went more smoothly after the initial problems and it won't take much for scorers to become proficient.

Specially printed score cards made their job easier.

It should be a quick game as each game has only seven ends and by the third game we were "motoring"!

There was a bit more excitement when the barbecue caught on fire followed by groans around the green as the aroma of burnt snags pervaded even the furthest rinks.

However, Heather raced out for new supplies and the barbecue was cooked quickly (but not as quickly as the first lot!).

At the sausage sizzle everyone was quite animated, with the general consensus being that it was "very different, fun and exciting".

The winners in the first week were a team led by Matt Traeger with Josh Bradley and Barry Magor.

Runners up were led by Harry Ciotucha (known at BHAS as "Harry Who?") with June Osborne and Ken Jeffrey.