Jedis team blitz their way to victory

The Jedis blitzed their way through proceedings once more this week. They are on a roll; this was their third victory in a row.

This was not evident however in the first round of play. The Yodas came out on top after the first round to the tune of 15 points.

First cabs off the rank were the Holthouses playing for the Yodas and Greg Fidge and Nathan Woolford for the Jedis.

This was a very tightly contested encounter.

The Yodas pair won the first by a clear margin of 3.

The Jedis pair turned things right back around with a win of 4 points to put things back into perspective.

In the second games of this round Martina and Moore of the Yodas combined very well together when they took on Destiny and Fong of the Jedis.

They scored perfectly with a convincing 14 point win.

The Jedis took to the court with a vengeance in the second round, determined to double down to make it a repeat performance of the previous two weeks.

Martina and Robyn of the Yodas were no match for the grit and determination displayed by Destiny and Nathan who gave them what for; scoring perfectly and only allowing them to grab half the points 42:21.

Meanwhile Santhosh and Fong of the Jedis were dishing out a drubbing of their own up against Yodas twosome Meng and Moore. The Jedis scored perfectly again with a 42:25 score.

Heading into the third round the Jedis carried forward a 20 point advantage.

In the first game of the third round Meng and Martina of the Yodas proved to be the most attuned combination of the Yodas team, taking it right up to a fired up Santhosh and his trusty offsider Destiny.

Santhosh and Destiny won the first by 2 points, Meng and Martina won the second by 3 points. Thus the Jedis only won that line up by a mere 1 point.

Greg and Fong of the Jedis then proceeded to give Gary and Moore a right royal run for their money.

The Jedis scored top points again only allowing the Yodas twosome a modest score of 35.

By the time the players took to the court in the fourth round the Yodas were looking down the barrel at a 35 point deficit.

There was no letting up though on the part of the Jedis whose mantra sounded much like "show no mercy" and target "R----"!

Robyn and Moore were up against it all night, playing in defensive mode against their Jedi opponents.

They were mighty chuffed to win the first game of their last doubles of the evening in a late run to the finish.

Nathan and Fong were sitting pretty on 19:15 with just two more points to grab before the change of ends. Robyn and Moore decided that they were going to go for broke.

They won the next 6 points in a row, leaving the Jedis pair well and truly gob smacked!

Their one upmanship was short lived however with Nathan and Fong retaliating in the second with a 21:13 point win to conclude the match.

JEDIS 460 defeated YODAS 397.