Napperby students flourish in high school maths class

EXCELLING: Rob Jeffries, Brodie White, Adam Edwards- D'Antonio, Zachary Marshall and Maciej Jankowski.
EXCELLING: Rob Jeffries, Brodie White, Adam Edwards- D'Antonio, Zachary Marshall and Maciej Jankowski.

The Pirie partnership is flourishing with three students from Napperby Primary School participating in a weekly Year 10 maths class at John Pirie Secondary School.

It was noticed that the three boys, two in Year 7 and one in Year 4 were performing well above their graded level and principal Rob Jeffries endeavoured to provide the next step for their learning.

"We identified early on that the boys had a real strength in numeracy, so we linked up with John Pirie Secondary School to put something into place so we could build on their skills.

"They have been very accommodating on accepting the boys into the classroom, the teacher has been amazing and the students have been welcoming," Mr Jeffries said.

The school did not want to hold back the talented students, so they reached out and John Pirie, and with open arms, the students joined the maths class of teacher Nyasha Tulloch.

"We are very excited that they are here already and we are looking forward to having them come here," deputy principal Maciej Jankowski said.

"The challenge for us now is to support them and grow them at the level that they need to be at when they arrive here as Year 7s."

The three students, Zachary Marshall, Brodie White and Adam Edwards- D'Antonio are thoroughly enjoying their time at John Pirie each week and are glad to be excelling above the Year 8 textbook they had previously been working out of.

"We have always been good at maths but this year Mr Jeffries asked if we wanted to be apart of this. We said yeah. We didn't want to say no. We were a little bit nervous coming in with the big kids, but apart from that it is all good," Brodie said.

Zach says that they are excited that the work they are doing is providing a challenge. "Now we are doing linear algebra and probability and back at Napperby we were working a bit out of the Year 8 text book and that was a little bit easy and this is a bit harder now," he said.

Adam, who is in Year 4 says he really just loves maths.

"Some of it is a bit hard, but some of it is kind of fun. The best bit about it all is that I am getting harder math than I was back at Napperby," he said.

Both Mr Jankowski and Mr Jeffries say they will keep working together to enable the students all opportunities to flourish, but this is not just limited to those in maths.

"This has helped the students understand that we are willing to do what we need to do, to help them with their learning needs. We focus on the strengths and areas of need for all students and I think this has set a precedent that our school we will do what the students need," Mr Jeffries said.

Mr Jankowski from John Pirie added that the opportunity is not only open to Napperby but to other schools in the area.

"The Pirie partnership is very strong and very collaborative. We always look for opportunities to work together because most of the kids at the primary school are going to be coming to us. Our focus is on strengthening public education, not just at our own site but supporting other primary sites around here," he said.