R2D2s regain form to beat Jedis team

The R2D2s were raring to go having come off the bye the previous week. The Jedis took full advantage of their previous match practice and jumped away to a head start, leading the way for the first two rounds.

The tightest games of the match were played out when Greg Fidge and Nathan Woolford of the Jedis lined up against Gary Holthouse and Cameron Williams playing for the R2D2s.

It was Ying and Yang playing Yang and Ying. The old war horses accompanied by their young apprentices; youth and exuberance partnered by old age and treachery. A spirited encounter ensued. Gary and Cameron won the first game by just one point. After the change of ends, as is so often the case, the tables turned, Greg and Nathan dug deep and won the line up by just one point keeping the R2D2s at bay with 19 in the second.

The Jedis built upon their 8 point lead in the second round to stretch it out to a healthy 20 points.

This was due for the most part to the stellar effort put in by Meng and Fong up against Bryll and Moore who just didn't seem to be able to gel in the way that they usually do.

It seemed for all intents and purposes, two thirds of the way through the night that the Jedis would be able to hold their own. It was however at this juncture that the R2D2s found their mojo.

Bryll and his partner dished out a 13 point win over Meng and his offsider playing for the Jedis. The scores were now almost level on 245 to 244 in the R2D2s favour.

Meng and Nathan were determined to keep the Jedis on an even keel but Bryll and Cameron of the R2D2s were all about attack for which the Jedis had no tried and true defence. The R2D2s grabbed a perfect score and a 13 point lead to be going on with.

The most closely contested singles game was the one between Moore and Fong. This tussle could have gone either way. Moore has a few tricks up her sleeve but Fong hunted down every single shuttle; his motto is 'never, ever give up'. This paid off for him big time; he was only just pipped at the post by 1 point. Moore scored 15 to Fong's 14.

While the R2D2s had the lead heading into the home stretch, the outcome of the match was by no means done and dusted.

The R2D2s needed 86 points to win the match out right. The first match in the final round paved the way for this inevitability. Cameron and Moore combined especially well together up against the hopeful Jedis duo.

Nathan and Fong scored perfectly, thus gifting the R2D2s the upper hand once more. With two more line ups to play the most that the Jedis could hope to contribute was 57 points but the rider to this was that they needed to prevent the R2D2s form scoring any more than 34 points.

The Jedis achieved their goal of 57 points and won the last two play offs with a perfect 42 and a 15 point singles win. They had however not been able to keep the opposition under 34 points and so lost the match overall by just 15 points.

R2D2s 430 defeated JEDIS 415