Saints men triumph



Risdon 2 def St Andrews 1

Goal Scorers: St Andrews: Demi Freer

Risdon: Danielle White, Darcy Blieschke

Best players: St Andrews: Danica Manfield, Kath Johnson, Edyn Manfield

Risdon: Darcy Blieschke, Sean Blieschke, Alice Jackson

Panthers def Mid North Cruisers (forefeit)


Panthers def Yorkies (forfeit)

St Andrews 4 def Risdon 1

Goal scorers: St Andrews: Hamish Barr 2, Kane Daws, Dom Keain

Risdon: Andrew Thornstein

Best Players: St Andrews: Dom Keain, Mitch Young, Hamish Barr

Risdon: Andrew Thornstein, Josh Demarco, Adam Jackson,


Panthers 3 def Crystal Brook 1

Goal scorers: Panthers: Annette Lane, Leah Fuchs, Zoe Barker

Crystal Brook: Talisha Hillier

Best Players: Panthers: Annette Lane, Nicole Ferme, Sophie Tattoli

Crystal Brook: Elyca Malycha, Talisha Hillier, Ali Gulin

St Andrews 2 def Risdon 1

Goal scorers: St Andrews: Maggie Ward, Mel Lane

Risdon: Kahla Williams

Best Players: St Andrews: Mel Lane, Laura Watt, Lillian Keain

Risdon: Kahla Williams, Donna Axon, Hannah Marwick


St Andrews 7 def Risdon 1

Goal scorers: St Andrews: Ryan Monaghan 4, Dave Monaghan 2, Vito D'Agastino

Risdon: Patrick Chenoweth

Best Players: St Andrews: Ryan Monaghan, Kyron Smith, Brayden Farrugia

Risdon: Patrick Chenoweth,

Panthers 15 def Risdon 0

Goal scorers: Panthers: Matt Adams 6, Andy Fuchs 5, Andrew Guy 4

Best Players: Panthers: Matt Adams, Andy Fuchs, Noah Waters

Risdon: Patrick Chenoweth, Kyle Elliot, James Grey


Risdon 2 def St Andrews 1

Goal scorers: St Andrews: Kelsey Monaghan

Risdon: Sophie Tattoli, Tilly Brock

Best Players: St Andrews: Amanda Nuttall, Georgia Munro, Georgia Murray

Risdon: Sophie Tattolli, Anney Scarman, Nat Viney

Panther 6 def Crystal Brook0

Goal scorers: Panthers: Tiahn Wendes 4, Hannah Conradi, Rachel Dall-Afford

Best Players: Panthers: Mary-Anne Young, Tiahn Wednes, Bree Demarco

Crystal Brook: Alanah Greatorex, Angela Howie, Emma Kerr


Strykers 7 def St Andrews 1

Goal scorers: Strykers: Kane Spackman 3, Troy Sutcliffe, Kieron Clayton, Aaron Olsen, Tarn Bignell

St Andrews: Alfie Taylor

Best Players: Strykers: Kieron Clayton, Aaron Olsen, Taran Bignell

St Andrews: Brodie Jarman, Colby George, Alfie Taylor

Panthers 5 def Crystal Brook 0

Goal scorers: Panthers: Marcus Webb, Adam Conradi, Jai Sawyer, Fabian Connor, Vinnie deJoia

Best Players: Panthers: Owen Templer, Zac Crispin, Ryan Catlin

Risdon Bye


Risdon 6 def St Andrews 2

Goal scorers: Risdon: Alan Zubrinich 3, Mikk Northcott 2, Chris Murray

St Andrews: Kerry Evans 2

Best Players: Risdon: Alan Zubrinich, Mikk Northcott, Wayne Growdon

St Andrews: Simon Fuchs, Kerry Evans, Jason Barr

Panthers 3 def St Marks 0

Goal scorers: Panthers: Jason Wendes 2, Brett Nimmo

Best Players: Panthers: Brett Nimmo, Mick Waters, Andy Fuchs

St Marks: Joby Connor, Stephen Bond, Carlo Porcelli

Junior Results 

U18 Girls

Panthers 7 def Crystal Brook 0

Goals scored for panthers were Talia Phillips 3, Grace Tattoli 3 and Montana Coe 1

Best players for Panthers are Sophie Tattoli, Talia Phillips and Mia Simounds. And best for C/Brook are Elyce Malycha, Bella Gulin and Daisy Gulin.

St Marks 2 drew with Risdon 2

Goals scorers for St Marks were Katelyn Guy 1 and Hannah Longmire 1. And for Risdon were Jordan Gorey 1 and Hannah Marwick 1.

Best players for St Marks are Hannah Mark, Lillian Keain and Edan Manfield. And for Risdon are Laiken Bell, Alana Zubrinich and Hannah Marwick.

U18 Boys

Risdon 0 lost to Panthers 1

Goal for panthers by Andrew Guy

Best players for Risdon are Adam Jackson, Joshua Demarco and Rangi Ngatamariki. And best for Panthers are Jay Norton, Deakin McLaughlin and Lawson Stapley.

U14 Boys

Panthers 1 lost to Risdon 4

Goals for Panthers went to Jackson Whitaker and for Risdon goals came from Ethan Ellis 1, Harry Johnson 1, Jack Phillips 1 and Lewis Northcott 1.

Best players for Panthers are Jackson Whitaker, James Dick and Ethan Nimmo. And for Risdon Dylan Beveridge, Harry Johnson and Zac Colyer.

St Andrews 0 lost to Crystal Brook 8

Goals scores for C/Brook were Darcy Gulin 3, Bodi Freer 1, Daniel Vajda 2, Quinten Hughes 1 and Oscar Mayger 1.

Best players for St Andrews are Zach Bath, Lachlan Bath and Jonas Blight. And best for C/Brook are Bodi Scarman, Darcy Gulin and Quinten Hughes.

U14 Girls

Panthers 5 def St Andrews 2

Goals scores for Panthers were Brianna Demarco 1, Phoebe Atkins 1, Sophie Tattoli 2 and Amber Howe 1.

Goals for Saints were Kelsey Monaghan 2.

Best players for Panthers are Sophie Tattoli, Brianna Demarco and Amber Howe. And best for Saints are Amity Lane, Kelsey Monaghan and Tempy Bagshaw.

Risdon 2 def St Marks 1

Goals for Risdon by Kahlia Turner 1 and Tayla Syrigos 1. And for St Marks, goal went to Keely Greatorex.

Best players for Risdon are Tayla Syrigos, Hayley Snow and Neesa Marwick. And best for St Marks are Alanah Greatorex, Keely Greatorex and Alyce Ferme.

U10 games all played with great effort and team work.